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Costume Card Checklist

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Xena Season 6 Costume Card Checklist

* Note: Variations in color or material are listed under each costume. We do not know the quantities on the variations, only that the variations exist.

Scans of all of the costume cards will be posted by 11/10/2001.

Card Number Quantity
R3 (Aphrodite) 1490
R4 (Xena) 275
R5 (Xena Demon) 1210
R6 (Xena) 1500 (Binder Exclusive)
R7 (Alti) 1125
R8 (Borias)
  • Black Leather
  • Blue/Gray Suede
  • Green Suede
R9 (Angelic Callisto) 1575
R10 (Eli) 1575
R11 (Caesar) 1575