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Costume Card Checklist

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Xena Beauty and Brawn Trading Costume Card Checklist

* Note: Variations in color or material are listed under each costume. We do not know the quantities on the variations, only that the variations exist.

Card Number Quantity
C1 (Ares) Slight color variations exist 1000
C2 (Argo) 985
C3 (Autolycus) 740
C4 (Tyrella) 930
C5 (Callisto) 1000
C6 (Xena) 1000
C7 (Xena) 1000
C8 (Leah) 1000
C9 (Xena) 1000
C10 (Borias) 850
C11 (Hades) 1000
C12 (Amarice) 1000
C13 (Lucifer) 1000
DC1 (Autolycus) 900
DC2 (Cyane) 830
DC3 (Gabrielle) 300
DC4 (Xena & Gabrielle) 1000
DC5 (Amarice) Slight color variations exist in the fur 750
DC6 (Gabrielle and Aphordite) 545
DC7 (Gabrielle) 780
DC8 (Xena) 1000
AC1 (Alti) 500
AC2 (Callisto) 500
AC3 (Discord) 500