Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher)
Michael Dorn (Lt. Worf) Denise Crosby (Lt. Tasha Yar)
Mick Fleetwood (Antedean Dignitary) Samantha Eggar (Marie Picard)
Mitchell Ryan (Kyle Riker) Marcus Nash (Ens. Jean-Luc Picard)
Madchen Amick (Anya) Brian Brophy (Cmdr. Maddox)
Pamela Winslow (Ens. McKnight) Stephanie Beacham (Regina Bartholemew)
Doug Wert (Jack Crusher) Jennifer Nash (Meribor)
Erich Anderson (Cmdr. Keiran MacDuff) Deidrich Bader (Tactical Officer)
Kerrie Keane (Alexana Devos) Robert Costanzo (Slade Bender)
And Many More!!

The second of a two-part series of cards featuring never-before published episode art by
renowned artist Juan Ortiz. Each of the 177 episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation
will be depicted on its own card, with 88 cards in Series Two.
  • 88 BASE SET Cards featuring all-new episode art by artist Juan Ortiz!
  • 88 GOLD Base Parallel Cards featuring GOLD facsimile signature of Juan Ortiz (1:24 packs)
  • 88 AUTOGRAPH Base Parallel Cards with authentic hand-signed cards by artist Juan Ortiz (1:48 packs)
  • 9 SHIPS OF THE LINE bonus cards(1:48 packs)
  • 40 TNG COMICS (1989 Series) bonus (1:24 packs)
  • 40 TNG COMICS ARCHIVE CUTS bonus featuring original, authentic cut
    comic panels (1989 series) (1:48 packs)
  • 9 TNG UNIVERSE ART bonus character (1:24 packs)
  • 10 TNG METAL bonus cards featuring Silhouette Gallery Art & TNG Rendered Art (1:288 packs)(sequentially # ' d to 100 or less)
  • AUTOGRAPH cards from more than 30 different actors (1:8 packs)
  • SKETCH cards Hand-drawn by top artists (1:288 packs)

  • Case Toppers:
        "I Am Locutus" Card
        "Q" Card
6-Case Incentive:
Brent Spiner (Data)/Denise Crosby (Yar) ("The Naked Now") Dual Autograph Card

9-Case Incentive:
Hand-Painted Sketch/Art Card by Mick Glebe, Matt Glebe or Charles Hall

18-Case Incentive:
STAR TREK: The Next Generation Portfolio Prints Series 2 Trading Cards Archive Box, including 2 Sketch Cards!
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