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Costume Card Checklist

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Stargate SG-1 Season 4 Costume Card Checklist

* Note: Variations in color or material are listed under each costume if they exist. We do not know the quantities on the variations, only that the variations exist.

Card Number Quantity
C5 (Teal'C) 1450
C6 (General Hammond from "Point of View")
    Variations exist due to pattern in costume
C7 (Jacob/Selmak) 1350
C8 (Colonel Maybourne from "Chain Reaction")
    Variations exist due to pattern in costume
C9 (Anise/Freya from "Divide and Conquer") 625
C10 (Mollem from "2010") 1300
C11 (Major Carter from "Beneath The Surface") 625
C12 (Major Carter from "Emancipation") Case Topper Exclusive 667