The Complete Lost In Space Checklist

Key: Scarce = 100 or less, Extremely Limited = 100-200, Very Limited = 200-300, Limited = 300-500 range, Normal = over 500
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90 Base Cards

Card Number Card Image Card Title
001 Lost In Space/Title Card
002 Season 1 Overview
003 The Reluctant Stowaway
004 The Derelict
005 Island in the Sky
006 There Were Giants in the Earth
007 The Hungry Sea
008 Welcome Stranger
009 My Friend, Mr. Nobody
010 Invaders from the Fifth Dimension
011 The Oasis
012 The Sky Is Falling
013 Wish Upon a Star
014 The Raft
015 One of Our Dogs Is Missing
016 Attack of the Monster Plants
017 Return from Outer Space
018 The Keeper, Part 1
019 The Keeper, Part 2
020 The Sky Pirate
021 Ghost in Space
022 War of the Robots
023 The Magic Mirror
024 The Challenge
025 The Space Trader
026 His Majesty Smith
027 The Space Croppers
028 All That Glitters
029 The Lost Civilization
030 A Change of Space
031 Follow the Leader
032 Season 2 Overview
033 Blast Off into Space
034 Wild Adventure
035 The Ghost Planet
036 Forbidden World
037 Space Circus
038 The Prisoners of Space
039 The Android Machine
040 The Deadly Games of Gamma 6
041 The Thief from Outer Space
042 The Curse of Cousin Smith
043 West of Mars
044 A Visit to Hades
045 The Wreck of the Robot
046 The Dream Monster
047 The Golden Man
048 The Girl From the Green Dimension
049 The Questing Beast
050 The Toymaker
051 Mutiny in Space
052 The Space Vikings
053 Rocket to Earth
054 The Cave of the Wizards
055 Treasures of the Lost Planet
056 Revolt of the Androids
057 The Colonists
058 Trip Through the Robot
059 The Phantom Family
060 The Mechanical Men
061 The Astral Traveler
062 The Galaxy Gift
063 Season 3 Overview
064 Condemned of Space
065 Visit to a Hostile Planet
066 Kidnapped in Space
067 Hunter's Moon
068 The Space Primevals
069 The Space Destructors
070 The Haunted Lighthouse
071 Flight into the Future
072 Collision of the Planets
073 The Space Creature
074 Deadliest of the Species
075 A Day at the Zoo
076 Two Weeks in Space
077 Castles in Space
078 The Anti-Matter Man
079 Target: Earth
080 Princess of Space
081 The Time Merchant
082 The Promised Planet
083 Fugitives in Space
084 Space Beauty
085 The Flaming Planet
086 The Great Vegetable Rebellion
087 Junkyard of Space
088 Checklist 1
089 Checklist 2
090 Checklist 3

55 1966 Original Lost In Space Cards - Reprint Set (1:8 Packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
R001 The World Waits
R002 Aliens are Listening
R003 Ready For Take-Off
R004 The Pilot Dreams
R005 Good-Bye, Earth!
R006 Destination - The Stars!
R007 Ship Off Course
R008 Silence From Earth
R009 The Mystery Below
R010 Who Goes There?
R011 The Stowaway
R012 Readying The Robot
R013 Fear On Board
R014 Terror Strikes
R015 Trapped!
R016 Two In Danger
R017 Danger Ahead
R018 A New Peril
R019 No Escape
R020 Last Chance
R021 The Metal Menace
R022 Shock Landing
R023 Victim Of The Crash
R024 Opening The Way
R025 Robot Research
R026 The Strange Planet
R027 The Chariot
R028 Robot Reporting
R029 Alarming News
R030 Urgent Warning
R031 The Ground Trembles
R032 The Deadly Sun
R033 Safe From The Sun
R034 The Robinsons Report
R035 Penny's Pet
R036 Where Is Penny?
R037 The Plants of Peril
R038 The Terrible Sight
R039 The Plants' Prey
R040 Lost In Darkness
R041 The Mystery Ship
R042 Running For Help
R043 The Search
R044 In The Lost City
R045 The Stranger Helps
R046 The Terrible Cold
R047 What Was That?
R048 One-Eyed Terror
R049 The Giant Threatens
R050 The Awesome Menace
R051 Readying An Attack
R052 The Flying Warrior
R053 The Battle Begins
R054 In Death's Grip
R055 Facing The Future

55 1966 Original Lost In Space Cards - Expansion Set (1:8 Packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
R056 Prof. John Robinson
R057 Maureen Robinson
R058 Major Don West
R059 Will Robinson
R060 Pilot & Penny Robinson
R061 Judy Robinson and Friend
R062 Dr. Zachary Smith
R063 Final Systems Check
R064 An Optimistic Outlook
R065 Robot In Magnetic Lock
R066 Pre-Launch Admiration
R067 Five and a Half Year Sleep
R068 Awaiting The Countdown
R069 Launch Plus Eight Hours…Destroy!
R070 A State of Suspended Animation
R071 Perilous Space-Walk
R072 Hopelessly Lost In Space
R073 Ready for Action
R074 Frozen For The Crash
R075 Now Who's The Dr.? You or Me?
R076 Robot Reporting
R077 Thoughts Of Home
R078 Unessential Liquidations
R079 Trapped!
R080 A Boy and His B-9
R081 The Journey South Begins
R082 Sentimental Departures
R083 The Giant Cyclops
R084 Attack On The Chariot
R085 Exploring Ancient Ruins
R086 Tomb Secrets Revealed
R087 The Sun Shield
R088 Waiting For Relief
R089 Interplanetary Survivors
R090 Devistation Diverted
R091 Across The Hungry Sea
R092 Seeking A Humaniod Brain
R093 A Sinister Plan For The Doctor
R094 Calling All Creatures
R095 Unexpected Proposal
R096 Monsterous Moment of Peril
R097 The Jet Pack
R098 The Thought Machine
R099 I Said, You May Serve Me Now.
R100 Facing The Robotoid
R101 Lurking Evil
R102 You Are The King?
R103 Computerized Compuations
R104 Possessed By An Alien Spirit
R105 Rock 'N' Roll Robot
R106 Joyful Moments
R107 Boy Genius
R108 That Move Does Not Compute!
R109 A Nefarious Profile
R110 Never Fear, Smith is Here!

9 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Cards (1:8 Packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
S1 Montage of Aliens/Robots/Creatures
S2 Montage of Aliens/Robots/Creatures
S3 Montage of Aliens/Robots/Creatures
S4 Montage of Aliens/Robots/Creatures
S5 Montage of Aliens/Robots/Creatures
S6 Montage of Aliens/Robots/Creatures
S7 Montage of Aliens/Robots/Creatures
S8 Montage of Aliens/Robots/Creatures
S9 Montage of Aliens/Robots/Creatures

9 The Faces of Dr. Smith Cards (1:16 Packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
F1 Montage of Dr. Smith
F2 Montage of Dr. Smith
F3 Montage of Dr. Smith
F4 Montage of Dr. Smith
F5 Montage of Dr. Smith
F6 Montage of Dr. Smith
F7 Montage of Dr. Smith
F8 Montage of Dr. Smith
F9 Montage of Dr. Smith

7 Lost In Space (Character) Cards (1:20 Packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
R1 Professor John Robinson
R2 Maureen Robinson
R3 Dr. Zachary Smith
R4 Will Robinson
R5 Major Don West
R6 Penny Robinson
R7 Judy Robinson

24 Autograph Cards (1:20 Packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
Bill Mumy as Will Robinson
June Lockhart as Maureen Robinson
Mark Goddard as Major Don West
Angela Cartwright as Penny Robinson
Marta Kristen as Judy Robinson
Vitina Marcus as Athena
Dee Hartford as Verda
Francine York as Niolani
Daniel J. Travanti as Space Hippie
Arte Johnson as Fedor
Leonard Stone as Farnum
Michael Ansara as Ruler
Malachi Throne as Sheik Ali ben Bad
Sherry Jackson as Effra
Kevin Hagen as The Master
Sheila Allen as Ruth Templeton
Sheila Allen as Brynhilde
Sheila Allen as Aunt Gamma
Don Matheson as Idak
Don Matheson as Rethso
Mark Goddard and Marta Kristen as Major Don West and Judy Robinson
Bill Mumy and Angela Cartwright as Will Robinson and Penny Robinson
Bob May and Dick Tufeld as Robot B9 and The Voice of Robot B9
June Lockhart, Marta Kristen and Angela Cartwright

2 SketchaFex Cards (1:480 Packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
Jupiter 2 hand-drawn by Cris Bolson
Space Pos hand-drawn by Cris Bolson

Exclusive Collectors Album Costume Card

Card Number Card Image Card Title
Costume Card from Fugitives in Space

Case Topper Card

Card Number Card Image Card Title
Sketchafex card of the Chariot by Eduardo Pansica

Multi-Case Incentive Card (1 card for every 2 cases purchased)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
Sketchafex card of the Robot B9 by Eduardo Pansica

Multi-Case Incentive Card (1 card for every 6 cases purchased)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
Jonathan Harris/Dr. Smith Cut Signature Card

5 Promo Cards

Card Number Card Image Card Title
P1 General Distribution Promo cardGeneral Distribution Promo card General Distribution
P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine Promo cardNon-Sport Update Magazine Promo card Non-Sport Update Magazine
P3 Album Exclusive Promo cardAlbum Exclusive Promo card Album Exclusive
SD2005 San Diego 2005
UK United Kingdom Promo cardUnited Kingdom Promo card United Kingdom
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