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Taika Waititi teases space sharks, says Thor: Love and Thunder makes Ragnarok look safe

Waititi hosted an Instagram watch party for Thor: Ragnarok that enlisted surprise guests Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) and Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), while also teasing some early highlights for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. Their slapstick banter makes us reluctant to guarantee we'll actually be seeing those sharks on the big screen, but then again - who knows? Fightin' fish were clearly on Waititi's mind.

Thought evolution was ancient? This lizard is evolving, like, right now

The three-toed skink gives birth to live young. Wait, it lays eggs. No, it lays eggs and also gives birth to live young.

Dieter Laser, sadistic doctor Josef Heiter in The Human Centipede, dies at 78

A native of Germany, Laser enjoyed a prolific acting career that dated back to the late 1960s. That said, American audiences probably know him best for writer/director Tom Six's Human Centipede trilogy, a bizarre series of over-the-top Dutch horror films that deal with the desire to stitch a bunch of people together, butt to mouth. Even if you've never seen a single frame of these movies, you've no doubt heard about the gonzo premise that binds them all together.

These environmentalist sci-fi villains deserved better

There are baddies who simply wish to see the world burn, an endgame that cashes in on the siren call of chaos. There are bitter criminals seeking revenge, tycoons plotting global takeovers, Kree warriors carrying out intergalactic ethnic cleansings. These guys are all uniquely terrible, but it's fairly easy to root against them, as long as you're not a complete psychopath. But the villains fighting for a worthy cause, the ones drawing attention to global crises happening in real time – those are the ne'er-do-wells who make us squirm in our theater seats, who cause us to confront an uncomfortable sum of culpability. And lately, sci-fi has been exploiting that inconvenient truth to deliver rogues and ruffians that hold up a mirror to our own complicity in planetary destruction.

WIRE Buzz: Beetlejuice doc trailer; interactive horror trailers; Fangoria's 'Porno' premiere

As makeup artists Ve Neill and Steve Laporte say in the trailer (below), they had no idea just how much of a cultural icon the movie would become. The duo (along with Robert Short) would eventually nab an Oscar win for their efforts.

Ahsoka learned why the Jedi aren't so popular on The Clone Wars [Jabba the Pod Video 2.14]

Huge holographic billboards set all around Coruscant aren't helping. Seen in many earlier episodes of the series, these giant signs convey messages from Chancellor Palpatine, all of him saying that rumors of the Jedi starting this war for their own gain are untrue. Yeah, no one was saying that, but they are now. Not helping things are the times when the Jedi get into a speeder chase and a crash of some sort ensues. The camera cuts away and the Jedi are on to the next bit of action, but those speeders crashed into something ... we just don't see it.

Smart cities! Magical, hi-tech spray paint creates touch screens anywhere

Scientists from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have come up with SprayableTech, a spray paint that lets them create large-scale interactive surfaces and architecture, seamlessly integrating digital UI with the physical world. Forget the interactive shiny user interfaces we've all seen in countless sci-fi flicks, the future is concrete.

The SYFY FANGRRLS guide to playing Dungeons & Dragons online

While role-playing games like D&D are designed to be played sitting around a table with bowls of salty snacks and pencils and paper aplenty, we also happen to be living in a golden age of technology that makes remote gaming extremely accessible. Licensed resources like D&D Beyond can help you build characters and share digital books and game features with your campaign, while programs like Roll20 can help you to create interactive maps for a more traditional immersive gaming experience. But as useful as supplemental tools like these and others are, they do cost money and perhaps a little investment of time to learn how to use them.

Need to work your brain? Here are 10 high-concept sci-fi shows to binge during lockdown

If you're looking to challenge your mind during this period of self-isolation, we've put together a list of some of the smartest high-concept sci-fi shows you can binge out on to stay frosty with wild twists, clever plotting, and generally Big Ideas. Of course, this is in no way a comprehensive list, and there are plenty of smart genre shows we didn't touch on, from hits like Lost to high-concept flops like FlashForward and The Event (may they rest in peace). 

Legendary Mad Magazine cartoonist Mort Drucker dies at 91

No cause of death was given, although Drucker's daughter Laurie Bachner told the Associated Press he became ill last week and had difficulty walking and breathing. She added that he had not been tested for the coronavirus.

Meet this mildly terrifying DIY Funko, Pride Month Batman, and a Starship Trooper Pop!

So, keep your gloves and masks within reach (they're mandatory, you know), get ready to shop (online, due to the coronavirus), and get ready to jump back into that (very, very virtual) toy box with your resident, if not favorite, Toy Journalist.

Disneyland diehards can whip up a quarantine treat: Disney releases Dole Whip recipe

The frozen dessert is a hallmark of Adventureland's Enchanted Tiki Room, with its refreshing pineapple flavor providing comfort for those braving long lines and rowdy kids. If fans don't grab a churro and a Dole Whip over the course of their sojourn, did they even really go to Disneyland? Now that attending is a physical impossibility, fans can still replicate some of the experience in their own homes thanks to a recipe distributed by the official Disneyland app.