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New details on DC's big summer multiverse series Dark Nights: Metal

Here's the strange scoop on DC's upcoming superhero crossover series, Dark Nights: Metal.

Roger Moore's James Bond movies, ranked

Each generation has its James Bond. For fans of a certain age, that was Roger Moore.

Objects in Space 5/23: Anime cafes, Badlands tropes and Stormpilot

We also have new reading material suggestions.

Watch: 5 Wonder Woman comics to read before the movie

We are here to set you on the path toward becoming an expert in all things Amazon.

Behold the abominations in 10 Alien: Covenant creature concept art images

Here's a gallery of gruesome neomorph concept art from artist Carlos Huante.

15 insane covers from 40 years of Heavy Metal magazine

Since 1977, the publishers of Heavy Metal magazine have made good on a promise of incredible sci-fi and fantasy artwork. We pulled 15 of our favorite covers, featuring the work of H.R. Giger, Esteban Maroto and more.

James Bonds' Moneypenny getting her own solo comic

There have been a whole lot of James Bond comic stories told over the years, but now his support team is finally getting a bit of time in the spotlight.

Wonder Woman tops Fandango's most anticipated summer movie survey

The public wants more Wonder Woman, and they're excited.

Raise a banner for new Game of Thrones prequel fan film, The Wild Wolf

Check out this ambitous Game of Thrones short film effort, The Wild Wolf.

All 7 of Roger Moore's James Bond title sequences, ranked

Do you like girls and guns? You're gonna love this.

Screen Gems' Slender Man horror movie scares up its main cast

Screen Gems’ upcoming horror film Slender Man has unveiled its victims principal cast.

George Romero bringing race car zombies to life in Road of the Dead

The zombie guru is co-writing a new movie where the undead drive race cars to entertain the rich.

RockLove brings the Marvel universe to life in jewelry

Guardians of the Galaxy is the focus of the first line, but more collections inspired by Marvel and Disney will be released in the future.

Chosen One of the Day: The Oh Cult Voodoo Shop from Live and Let Die

Voodoo is apparently a market.

Neill Blomkamp planning short film projects to test out feature ideas

With his proposed Alien sequel dead in the water, Neill Blomkamp is looking to branch out and test some ideas in the experimental film game.

DC's Super Hero Girls is heading to Cartoon Network in new series

The adventures of Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl, and all their fellow heroes, are getting a fresh look and a brand-new home.

Exclusive: Watch a supercut from re-release of Wonder Woman animated film

Syfy Wire has an exclusive supercut of the newly re-released Wonder Woman DC Animated film.

Skyfall's Sam Mendes in early talks to direct Disney's live-action Pinocchio

The Academy Award-winning director could be pulling the strings for Disney's Pinocchio.

May 23 in Sci-Fi History: Back to the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones Week continues as we travel back to this day in 1984, when Harrison Ford headed to India to break up a cult that practices human sacrifice and child slavery in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

A hardy crew: 8 comic book pirates way cooler than Jack Sparrow

Pirates with iron fists, pirates with dinosaurs and much more.

Stuff We Love: Making breakfast adorable with this Star Wars BB-8 waffle maker

BB-8 is just as irresistible in food form as he is on the big screen!

James Gunn reveals all of Nathan Fillion's fake movie posters from Guardians Vol. 2

James Gunn had a whole plan to sneak Nathan Fillion into the MCU with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but the easter eggs wound up on the cutting room floor. Now, they’ve wound up online.

Never the Monster, Always the Bride: The Bride of Frankenstein in film and television

Before Universal's Dark Universe takes its own stab at the Bride of Frankenstein, let's see what's been made of her over the last 80 years on screen.

Logan first draft originally opened with the death of all the X-Men

James Mangold’s superhero masterpiece Logan is set in a future where pretty much everything has fallen apart — and the first draft of the film would’ve shown all the gritty details of how it happened.

Astronomers find a moon for a distant, frigid world
Hubble images of OR10's moon

The small world 2007 OR10 orbits the Sun well past Pluto. Despite its distance and small stature, astronomers found it's orbited by a relatively large moon.

Supergirl vs. Superman and Evil Teri Hatcher in the season finale of Supergirl

Superman is brainwashed but Kara takes him down.

Supergirl vs. Superman and Evil Teri Hatcher in the season finale of Supergirl

Superman is brainwashed but Kara takes him down.

Captain Phasma unmasked, a new Rebel revealed in The Last Jedi magazine covers

In preparation of the Star Wars 40th anniversary celebrations this week, Vanity Fair has unveiled four magazine covers featuring Captain Phasma unmasked, a new member of the Rebel Alliance and the late Carrie Fisher as General Leia.

Legendary 007 star Sir Roger Moore has passed away at the age of 89

He was the first Bond for many of today's adults, and he will not be forgotten.

Supergirl gets some new boots in the latest Wonder Woman promo

Talk about managing the fine line between cute and cutesy. This is a perfect Wonder Woman/Supergirl crossover.

It's the Doctor vs. Monks in latest Doctor Who trailer, pics and clip

It’s that day of the week, and BBC America has released a slew of new images, a trailer and a tense new clip for the next episode of Doctor Who.

Netflix negotiating for Pottersville film, aka It's a Wonderful Life meets Michael Shannon as Sasquatch
Michael Shannon General Zod

We've heard of some unique pitches before, but something wild is definitely a (big) foot with Cannes player Pottersville.

Gotham's latest features glorious Penguin/Riddler team up and Michael Chiklis with an ax hand

Ax hands, blow darts, and the biggest smile on Lee's face await you on the latest episode of Gotham ...

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider writer Peter David on making us root for a bad clone
peter david writer ben reilly the scarlet spider interview

Legendary comic book writer Peter David talks to us about his new series, Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider, what readers can expect, and how Twitter complaints helped mold Ben's costume!

Joey King torments teens in devilish new trailer for Wish Upon

The Conjuring's Joey King unleashes a potent evil in new promo for Wish Upon.

Family tragedy leads Zack Snyder to step away from Justice League, Joss Whedon taking over

Joss Whedon will take over Justice League as the Snyder family deals with the unimaginable.

James Wan to produce Resident Evil reboot, will feature all-new cast

Some additional details are starting to creep out about the Resident Evil reboot, and now we know who will be replacing Paul W.S. Anderson as the creative force behind the franchise. 

Watch an exclusive clip from the Logan Blu-ray featuring Laura/X-23

We have an exclusive clip from the special features of the DVD/Blu-ray of Logan that focuses on Dafne and her performance as Laura/X-23.

New 11-cover peek at IDW's summer Hasbro crossover event, First Strike

Check out these explosive covers for the first two issues of IDW's new First Strike.

Objects in Space 5/22: Destiny, Laura Moon and aliens

We also want to know if franchise fatigue is really about the franchise, and Injustice fans helped improve Injustice 2.

Exclusive preview: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #21

In this exclusive preview of DC Comics' Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #21, our heroes head to battle while Hal Jordan and Rip Hunter race back to defeat the prism beasts of Sarko.

Exclusive: New 6-page preview for Paul Cornell's Saucer State #1

Check out this out-of-this-world peek at Wednesday's Saucer State #1 from IDW.

It all comes to a head in final trailer for Orphan Black's final season

The Clone Club returns in just a few weeks, and now we have a new look at the beginning of the end.

Chosen One of the Day: The empty grave in which Supergirl's Sanvers, our gays, are not buried

As Sanvers survives the second season of Supergirl together, we toast the empty grave where they were never buried.

Universal's next monster movie reboot will be Bride of Frankenstein

The next film will be Bride of Frankenstein, to be directed by Beauty and the Beast helmer Bill Condon. 

Embracing the grime and grandeur of Alien 3 on its 25th anniversary

Here's a faithful reflection on the much-maligned Alien 3 on its landmark 25th birthday.

Jack Sparrow and Javier Bardem face off in new Pirates of the Caribbean 5 clip

Johnny Depp was on hand during Jimmy Kimmel Live! late last week to debut an exciting new clip for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Enter Spike's The Mist in new look at Stephen King TV series

Based on the Stephen King novella of the same name, Spike’s The Mist is slated to debut next month. To whet our appetite for the upcoming series, a behind-the-scenes look has dropped.

NASA and Coach team up for a galactic fashion collection

What everyone will be wearing on that first commercial flight to Mars.

TV THIS WEEK: The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl wrap up their seasons

It's season finale week, with The CW's full slate of remaining superhero shows saying goodbye for the summer.