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Whale sharks have literal teeth covering their eyeballs, as if sharks didn't have enough teeth 

The infamous boat-chomping teeth of Bruce from Jaws have made us underestimate how much dental equipment sharks really have.

This steampunk-looking robot could be NASA's newest way to explore frozen alien moons

NASA's newest spacecraft concept looks like it belongs in a steampunk convention more than a distant moon, but that's exactly where it's supposed to be headed.

WIRE Buzz: Student's VFX skills impress Iger; del Toro still wants to scale 'Mountains of Madness'; and more

Remember his name: Julian Bass.

Earl Cameron, pioneering British actor with Doctor Who and 007 roles, dies at 102

Born in 1917 in Pembroke, Bermuda, he served in the British Merchant Navy and wound up in London in 1939, where his Bermudan accent sounded American enough to British audiences to get him some early breaks in theater. He toured with the Entertainments National Service Association - aka ENSA, the British version of the USO - in 1945-6, then toured with the Wyndham Theater production of Deep Are The Roots with Patrick McGoohan, which led to more appearances with him on Danger Man (known in America as Secret Agent) and the legendary sci-fi spy series The Prisoner.

The 5 things we're most excited for in The Umbrella Academy's groovy, '60s-set Season 2

When Season 2 of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy premieres at the end of this month, the Hargreeves will be fighting to save the world ... again. Only this time, they're stuck in the '60s and are separated across a three-year span. If they thought the first apocalypse was bad, the sequels are about to take this superhero family on the ride of a lifetime.

MIT's new disinfectant robot is a capable little droid straight out of Star Wars

Similar to industrial utility droids seen in the Jawas' rusted Tatooine sandcrawler in Star Wars: A New Hope, a research team from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has constructed a formidable new disinfectant robot to aid in the ongoing battle against COVID-19. 

13 Best genre shows of far

It sure has been a year!

Ubisoft reveals steps to address sexual misconduct allegations, promote diversity

In the wake of workplace-related sexual misconduct allegations that saw Ubisoft remove the creative director of the upcoming Assassin's Creed Valhalla last month, the company has announced new steps to make "fundamental changes" that address issues of diversity and on-the-job harassment, according to CEO Yves Guillemot.

Let's bring back Stan's Soapbox! Here are 5 creators who could do it

Whenever I stumble down a particular comics rabbit hole that involves digging through my longboxes, I always feel like an archaeologist retracing steps through history.

Fortnite hosting We The People, an in-game Fourth of July discussion on race

The Black Lives Matter movement, in the forefront of the current cultural conversation after the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd led to a summer filled with anti-racist protests, has impacted the world of entertainment as deeply as any other industry. Now one of the biggest video games out there is hosting an in-game conversation on race on the Fourth of July. Fortnite, expanding its multimedia content beyond its battle royale gameplay, musical concerts, or Christopher Nolan movie trailers, will be the home of We The People this Independence Day.

Midgar has never looked so good in first look at Final Fantasy VII Remake's two art books

Final Fantasy VII Remake was the video game of the spring, earning an Avalanche (ha ha) of praise from critics for its stunningly fleshed-out story, exciting combat, well-written characters, and beautifully updated aesthetic. A hyper-industrial sci-fi nightmare has never looked so good (and neither has its bevy of rebellious protagonists). Gamers have had plenty of time to explore Midgar in all its reimagined glory, but there's still a lot of waiting to do before the next chapter in the classic Square Enix game's saga - so might as well kick back and drool over some beautiful art books focused on the game.

Doom Patrol gets even crazier (but also more heartfelt) in Season 2, say reviews

Doom Patrol is back for a second season, and the eponymous team hasn't lost any of its surreal, bats**t-insane edge, according to reviews. Refusing to adhere to the traditional comic book format, the series (showrun by Jeremy Carver) remains a dark horse in its sophomore outing, immediately jumping into the depths of absurdity.