Xena: A Taste of Honey Cereal
Xena: A Taste of Honey Cereal Premiere issue of Xena: A Taste of Honey breakfast cereal. Each case comes with 4 fully packed boxes of each of 3 different variations (Xena box, Gabrielle box and Callisto box), plus 3 unassembled flat boxes and 1 of 3 hand-numbered (1-600) trading cards featuring the artwork from the 3 cereal boxes.Only 6,000 of each fully assembled cereal box will be produced, and only 1,500 cases are being made available through this hobby-exclusive offer.

As an added bonus a full set of 12 trading cards will be published exclusively in tandem with the all-new Xena: A Taste of Honey Cereal. These 12 cards feature Xena, Gabrielle and Callisto. The fronts of these 12 cards are collectively printed on the backs of the 3 cereal box variations, but without printed backs. In this special offer, the cards have been printed in full color on both front and back. Again, there are no printed backs on the cards to be cut from the backs of the cereal boxes.