Kyle MacLachlan (as Dale Cooper) David Lynch (as Deputy Director Gordon Cole)
Sheryl Lee (as Laura Palmer) David Duchovny (as Agent Denise Bryson)
Madchen Amick (as Shelly Johnson) Sherilyn Fenn (as Audrey Horn)
Peggy Lipton (as Norma Jennings) Michael Ontkean (as Sheriff Harry S. Truman)
James Marshall (as James Hurley) Dana Ashbrook (as Bobby Briggs)
Wendie Robie (as Nadine Hurley) Kimmy Robertson (as Lucy Moran)
Carel Struycken (as The Giant) Everett McGill (as Ed Hurley)
Chris Mulkey (as Hank Jennings) Kenneth Welsh (as Windom Earle)
Michael Horse (as Tommy "Hawk" Hill) Piper Laurie (as Catherine Martell)
Gary Hershberger (as Mike Nelson) Everett McGill (as Ed Hurley)
Ray Wise (as Leland Palmer) Gary Hershberger (as Mike Nelson)
And More!
Kyle MacLachlan (as Dale Cooper) and Sheryl Lee (as Laura Palmer)
Kyle MacLachlan (as Dale Cooper) and Sherilyn Fenn (as Audrey Horne)
Madchen Amick (as Shelly Johnson) and Dana Ashbrook (as Bobby Briggs)
Wendy Robie (as Nadine Hurley) and Everett McGill (as Ed Hurley)
Peggy Lipton (as Norma Jennings) and Chris Mulkey (as Hank Jennings)
Sheryl Lee (as Maddy Ferguson) and James Marshall (as James Hurley)
And More!

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Kyle MacLachlan/ Michael Ontkean Dual Autograph Card
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