Timeline (The Movie) Commemorative Set Timeline " Imagine that you traveled back to the middle ages, a time of fear and madness. Now imagine you can't get back! In 6 Hours They'll Be History!"

From aclaimed writer Michael Crichton, comes the biggest action movie of the holiday season Timeline and Rittenhouse Archives is there to help bring the excitement to you. This November, Rittenhouse Archives will release Timeline (The Movie) Commemorative Trading Card Set, an 18-card set spotlighting the various characters of the film including Chris Hughes, Kate Erickson, André Marek, Professor Edward Johnston, David Stern, Lady Claire, Robert de Kere and others.

Costume Card Collectors will also be pleased to discover that each set also comes with three costume cards featuring authentic screen-worn costumes from the three main stars Paul Walker as Chris Hughes, Frances O'Conner as Kate Erickson and Gerard Butlet as André Marek.
Timeline (The Movie) Commemorative Trading Card Set is limited to only 500 sets and once their gone, they'll be history!

Chris Hughes - C1 Kate Erickson - C2 Andre Marek - C3