Every great legend has its hero, and none stands out more than Captain James T. Kirk. Rittenhouse Archives has captured his greatness in an all-new 9-card limited edition set, The Legends of Star Trek: Captain Kirk.

This all-new series of Star Trek cards begins with a special offer of 9 cards of Captain Kirk, and will continue with the next set of 9 cards later this year. A new set will be issued for a different character each quarter (4 per year). Each card in the series is printed on thick 20-point stock and is foiled stamped on the front.

Limited to 1,701 sequentially numbered sets, this premiere edition also comes with a custom designed album to hold all of the cards in this and future releases in the "Legends of Star Trek" collection. This album is ONLY available with this offer and will not be made available with any future release.

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