Rittenhouse Archives is pleased to offer our latest Star Trek trading card set, Star Trek: The Complete TNG (1991-1994) Series 2. This is the second in our new series of trading cards covering "Star Trek: The Next Generation". Each box of this set will include an incredible 4 Autograph Cards!

The base set consists of episode cards with 1 card for each of the 88 episodes from the second half of the show's run from 1991-1994, and each base card will have 5 photos and a detailed plot synopsis. More than 500 different photos covering the second 88 episodes!

Sample Autograph Card Images
Autograph Signers Include:
Ashley Judd
Jonathan Frakes
Marina Sirtis
Colm Meaney
Kelsey Grammer
Denise Crosby
Michelle Forbes
Robert O'Reilly
Tony Todd
Natalija Nogulich
Patti Yasutake
Matt Frewer
John Delancie
Malachi Throne
Jonathan Del Arco
Patrick Massett
and many more first-time signers!
Cut Signature Card Image
Collectors should be on the look out for for randomly inserted cut signature cards of James Doohan (Scotty)! Other bonus cards include:

Cut Signature Card Image

For every 3 cases purchased, you will receive an exclusive Brent Spiner (Dr. Soong) Autograph Card!

For each 6 cases purchased, you will receive an exclusive autograph card signed by Leonard Nimoy as Spock in "Unification"!

And for each 18 cases purchased, you will receive an archive box from The Complete Star Trek: The Next Generation, Series 2 (1991-1994) Trading Cards!

The Complete ST TNG Series 2 Archive Box Contains:

We have also created an exclusive collector's album to store the STAR TREK: The Complete TNG (1991-1994) Series 2 Trading Cards, and each album comes with an exclusive promotion card.

*A mistake was made during production of Star Trek: The Complete TNG Series 2 (1991-1994) Trading Cards. A small number of boxes were incorrectly labeled with stickers that are sequentially numbered to 4,500. The correct numbering is 6,000. We regret any confusion that this may cause. Thanks for your understanding.

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