Chris Pine (Captain Kirk) Zachary Quinto (Spock)
Zoe Saldana (Uhura) Karl Urban (McCoy)
Simon Pegg (Scotty) Sofia Boutella (Jaylah)
Alice Eve (Carol Marcus) Ben Cross (Sarek)
Bruce Greenwood (Captain Pike) Peter Weller (Admiral Marcus)
Jimmy Bennett (Young James T. Kirk) Lydia Wilson (Kalara)
And Many More!
(Signers from all 3 Modern Star Trek Movies)

Screen-Worn Costume Cards include materials from Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Scotty, Chekov,
Krall, Jaylah and More. Single Relics, Dual Relics, Dual Character Relics and Prop Relics!
Plus Starfleet uniform badge/pin cards of the entire Enterprise bridge crew!
72-Card Base Set
72-Card Numbered Metal Base Parallel Set
15-Card Quotable Star Trek Set
9-Card Metal Character Poster Set
9-Card Uniform Patch Set
10-Card Uniform Pin Set
9-Card Anton Yelchin/Chekov In Memoriam Set
6-Card Leonard Nimoy/Spock In Memoriam Expansion Set
Average of 1 SKETCH CARD Per Case.

6-Case Incentive:
Autograph Relic Card Signed by Zoe Saldana (Uhura)!

9-Case Incentive:
Autograph Relic Card Signed by Chris Pine (Captain Kirk)!
18-Case Incentive:
STAR TREK BEYOND Trading Cards Archive Box
Includes Exclusives:
  • Seven-Piece Bridge Crew Relic Card
  • Justin Lin (Movie Director) Autograph Card
  • Chekov Command Bridge/Pin Card variation (U6a)
  • Set of 4-color printing plates used to make the front of one base set card.
Click here for a complete list of Archive Box contents

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