Legends of Marvel
Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow

Rittenhouse Archives proudly presents an all-new series of trading cards honoring the greatest heroes in Marvel Comics history with The Legends of Marvel. Each series will consist of three 9-card sets, and the first 3 heroes are Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow. New sets of cards will be issued on an on-going basis approximately every 3 to 4 months. All of the cards in the series are printed on thick 20-point stock and are foiled stamped on the front. Each set is sequentially numbered to 1,939, in honor of the first year of Marvel Comics.

Be among the first to order this new exciting series and secure your set number. Continue to order these sets through Rittenhouse Archives, and we will match the serial numbers on your future set purchases. Also, be sure to order your exclusive The Legends of Marvel collector's album to store and protect each and every set in the collection.

Captain America Card #1 Captain America Card #4 Captain America Card #9
Iron Man Card #2 Iron Man Card #5 Iron Man Card #9
Black Widow Card #1 Black Widow Card #3 Black Widow Card #7
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