James Bond: Dangerous Liaisons
Bond is Back! In February 2006, Rittenhouse Archives will release James Bond: Dangerous Liaisons Trading Cards, the next set in our sold-out line of trading cards based on the legendary spy.

Ursula Andress Autograph Card Rittenhouse has done it again by bringing collectors top signers from the Bond Universe. Ursula Andress, the FIRST Bond Girl on her first autograph card for ANY Bond set.

Each box in this new daring series will contain TWO AUTOGRAPH CARDS with signatures from:
  • Ursula Andress in "Dr. No"
  • Famke Janssen in "GoldenEye"
  • Yaphet Kotto in "Live and Let Die"
  • Maud Adams in "Octopussy"
  • Alan Cumming in "GoldenEye"
  • Britt Ekland in "The Man With The Golden Gun"
  • Denise Richards in "The World Is Not Enough"
  • Timothy Moxon in "Dr. No"
  • Lana Wood in "Diamonds Are Forever"
  • Kristina Wayborn in "Octopussy"
  • Tania Mallet in "Goldfinger"
  • Tanya Roberts in "A View To A Kill"
  • John Bowe in "The Living Daylights"
  • Earl Cameron in "Thunderball"
  • Nadim Sawahla in "The Spy Who Loved Me"
  • Joe Robinson in "Diamonds Are Forever"
  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa in "Licence To Kill"
  • Don Stroud in "Licence To Kill"
  • Goldie in "The World Is Not Enough"
  • Jenny Hanley in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
  • Lynn-Holly Johnson in "For Your Eyes Only"
  • Robert Davi in "Licence To Kill"
  • Madeline Smith in "Live and Let Die"
  • and More!
Sample Autograph Cards

This set will also feature the return of the fifteen new BOND GIRLS ARE FOREVER CARDS and twenty new BOND VILLAINS chase cards as well as the new addition of THE ART & IMAGES OF 007 CARDS where each of the 20 cards is printed on canvas stock and numbered to 500 each!

Costume Cards As a bonus, each case will come with an exclusive case-topper costume card featuring the ski jacket worn by Roger Moore as James Bond in "A View to A Kill". For every two cases purchased, you will receive an exclusive costume card featuring the dress worn by Halle Berry as Jinx in "Die Another Day".

Jinx Costume An exclusive James Bond: Dangerous Liaisons Trading Cards collectors album will also be available and contains 15 plastic sheets plus an exclusive autograph card of George Baker as Sir Hilary Bray from "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".

Binder Set Configuration:

110 Base Cards
5 Cards Per Pack
40 Packs Per Box
12 Boxes Per Case
SRP: $2.10 per pack