Bond Guy With the release of the most successful Bond film to date, "Die Another Day", Rittenhouse Archives has produced a limited edition 9-card set that expands its successful "James Bond 40th Anniversary Trading Cards".

This 9-card set includes 3 autograph cards signed by Sean Bean (Alec Trevelyan), Robert Davi (Franz Sanchez) and Geoffrey Keen (Frederick Gray, Minister of Defense).

The other 6 cards will relate specifically to the new film "Die Another Day" and will continue the designs and themes within the 40th Anniversary series, including 3 plot cards, 1 Bond Extra card, 1 Bond Villain card and 1 Women of Bond card.

This set is being made available on a very limited basis. There are only 1,000 sets in total.

As an added bonus, cards #2 and #3 have been corrected and reprinted and are included here, too.

Autograph Card A25 Autograph Card A26 Autograph Card A27