Looking for the Diana Rigg Cut Signature Card? This oversized card is not found in the packs, but sealed in a 5x7 toploader inside of the box. Be sure to look under the box lid in case it got stuck in there.
Game of Thrones The Complete Series Trading Cards Volume 2

1 Autograph Card in Every Pack!

1-of-1 Metal Card in Every Case!

Limited Edition of 750 Cases

Sample Autograph Cards

3 Autograph Cards Per Box

(including at least 1 Inscription Autograph Per Box)

Series 2 Base Set

72 Cards Featuring 9 Key Highlight Cards for each of the Show's 8 Seasons,
including 9-Card Inter-Connective Puzzle-Backs!

Series 2 Bonus Cards
(Minimum 4 Hits Per Pack)

  • 1-of-1 Metal Retrospective Card in every case
  • 288 One-of-a-Kind Base Set Printing Plate Cards
  • 99 GOT Iron Anniversary Base Set (199-297) Expansion Cards (1:1 Packs)
  • 99 Copper Iron Anniversary Base Set Parallel Expansion Cards (#'d to 99)
  • 99 Gold Iron Anniversary Base Set Parallel Expansion Cards (#'d to 50)
  • 99 Red Iron Anniversary Base Set Parallel Expansion Cards (#'d to 25)
  • 9 Dragonstone Cards (1:3 Packs)
  • 21 Game of Thrones Vistas Cards (1:3 Packs)
  • 36 Game of Thrones In Memoriam Cards (1:3 Packs)
  • 12 Game of Thrones Artifex Metal Cards (Numbered to 25 each)
  • 11 Game of Thrones Head of the House Cards (1:3 Packs)
  • 12 Quotable Game of Thrones Cards (1:3 Packs)
  • 18 GOT Iron Anniversary Metal Expressions Expansion Cards (1:3 Packs)
  • Sketch Cards (TBD)
  • Inscription Autograph Cards (1:3 Packs)
  • Non-Inscription Autograph Cards (2:3 Packs)
  • Diana Rigg Cut Signature Cards (TBD)

10-Case Incentive:

99-card Metal Parallel Iron Anniversary Expansion

Set contents subject to change without notice.
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