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Series 11 and 12 Trading Cards

Limited to 5,000 Numbered Boxes
Four Autograph Cards per Box
All autographs signed on-card
Regular Autograph Cards Fanned Out
Autograph Signers Include:
Jodie Whittaker (The Doctor)
Tosin Cole (Ryan Sinclair)
Jo Martin (The Fugitive Doctor)
Alan Cumming (King James)
Patrick O'Kane (Ashad)
Mark Addy (Paltraki)
Robert Glenister (Thomas Edison)
Bhav Parmar (Sonya Khan)
Nicholas Briggs (Voice of the Daleks)
Mandip Gill (Yaz/Yasmin Khan)
Sacha Dhawan (The Master)
Sharon D. Clarke (Grace O'Brien)
Brett Goldstein (Astos)
Paul Kasey (Judoon Captain)
Samuel Oatley (Tzim-Sha)
Sylvie Briggs (Ada Lovelace)
Anjli Mohindra (Queen of the Skithra)
Seylan Baxter (Tecteun)
And Many More!

Inscription Autograph Cards

Set Composition:

Base set features 60 cards, with 3 cards for each of the ten Series 11 episodes and for each of the ten Series 12 episodes. Photos and plot synopses for every episode!

Plus Bonus Sets!

Regular Autograph Cards, including Hobby Exclusives
Inscription Autograph Cards, including Hobby Exclusives
60 Parallel Base Cards
60 GOLD TARDIS Foil-Stamped Parallel Base Cards
      (#'d to 99 each) (Hobby Exclusive)
60 RED TARDIS Foil-Stamped Parallel Base Cards
     (#'d to 50 each) (Hobby Exclusive)
16 New Year's Specials Cards
1 New Year's Special 2021 Poster Card (Hobby Exclusive)
7 Asia/Realistic Poster Cards (Hobby Exclusive)
4 The Universe is Calling Cards (Hobby Exclusive)
5 Heroes of Doctor Who Cards
9 TARDIS Cards
4 Series 12 Heroes Metal Portraits Cards
18 Allies & Adversaries Cards (Hobby Exclusive)
Case Topper: 3-D TARIDS Dectation Card (Hobby Exclusive)
Graham Cast chase card  Asian art chase card


4-Case Incentive: Dual Autograph Card signed by Sacha Dhawan (The Master) and Patrick O'Kane (Ashad)
8-Case Incentive: Dual Autograph Card Signed by Jodie Whittaker (The Doctor) and Sacha Dhawan (The Master) (Hobby Exclusive)
12-Case Incentive: DOCTOR WHO Series 11 & 12 Trading Cards ARCHIVE BOX, including autograph card exclusives, printing plate cards and more!
Four case incentive dDual autograph card
Eight case incentive dual autograph card
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