Stargate SG-1 Season 6 Checklist

Key: Scarce = 100 or less, Extremely Limited = 100-200, Very Limited = 200-300, Limited = 300-500 range, Normal = over 500
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72 Base Cards

01 Title Card
02 Title Card
03 Title Card
04 Redemption, Part 1
05 Redemption, Part 1
06 Redemption, Part 1
07 Redemption, Part 2
08 Redemption, Part 2
09 Redemption, Part 2
10 Descent
11 Descent
12 Descent
13 Frozen
14 Frozen
15 Frozen
16 Nightwalkers
17 Nightwalkers
18 Nightwalkers
19 Abyss
20 Abyss
21 Abyss
22 Shadow Play
23 Shadow Play
24 Shadow Play
25 The Other Guys
26 The Other Guys
27 The Other Guys
28 Allegiance
29 Allegiance
30 Allegiance
31 Cure
32 Cure
33 Cure
34 Prometheus
35 Prometheus
36 Prometheus
37 Unnatural Selection
38 Unnatural Selection
39 Unnatural Selection
40 Sight Unseen
41 Sight Unseen
42 Sight Unseen
43 Smoke and Mirrors
44 Smoke and Mirrors
45 Smoke and Mirrors
46 Paradise Lost
47 Paradise Lost
48 Paradise Lost
49 Metamorphosis
50 Metamorphosis
51 Metamorphosis
52 Disclosure
53 Disclosure
54 Disclosure
55 Forsaken
56 Forsaken
57 Forsaken
58 The Changeling
59 The Changeling
60 The Changeling
61 Memento
62 Memento
63 Memento
64 Prophecy
65 Prophecy
66 Prophecy
67 Full Circle
68 Full Circle
69 Full Circle
70 Checklist 1
71 Checklist 2
72 Checklist 3

9 Behind-the-scenes with Brad Wright (1:5 Packs)

BS1 Behind-the-scenes with Brad Wright
BS2 Behind-the-scenes with Brad Wright
BS3 Behind-the-scenes with Brad Wright
BS4 Behind-the-scenes with Brad Wright
BS5 Behind-the-scenes with Brad Wright
BS6 Behind-the-scenes with Brad Wright
BS7 Behind-the-scenes with Brad WrightBehind-the-scenes with Brad Wright Behind-the-scenes with Brad Wright
BS8 Behind-the-scenes with Brad Wright
BS9 Behind-the-scenes with Brad Wright

9 In The Line of Duty (North America Release Only) (1:10 Packs)

CO1 Colonel O'NeillColonel O'Neill Colonel O'Neill
CO2 Colonel O'Neill
CO3 Colonel O'Neill
CO4 Colonel O'Neill
CO5 Colonel O'Neill
CO6 Colonel O'Neill
CO7 Colonel O'Neill
CO8 Colonel O'Neill
CO9 Colonel O'Neill

9 In The Line of Duty (International Release Only) (1:10 Packs)

MC1 Major Samantha Carter
MC2 Major Samantha Carter
MC3 Major Samantha Carter
MC4 Major Samantha Carter
MC5 Major Samantha Carter
MC6 Major Samantha Carter
MC7 Major Samantha Carter
MC8 Major Samantha CarterMajor Samantha Carter Major Samantha Carter
MC9 Major Samantha Carter

6 Stargate Gallery (1:40 Packs)

G1 Colonel Jack O'NeillColonel Jack O'Neill Colonel Jack O'Neill
G2 Major Samantha CarterMajor Samantha Carter Major Samantha Carter
G3 Dr. Daniel JacksonDr. Daniel Jackson Dr. Daniel Jackson
G4 Teal'CTeal'C Teal'C
G5 Jonas QuinnJonas Quinn Jonas Quinn
G6 General HammondGeneral Hammond General Hammond

15 Autograph Cards (1:20 Packs)

A26 Corin Nemec as Jonas QuinnCorin Nemec as Jonas Quinn Corin Nemec as Jonas Quinn
A27 Enid-Raye Adams as JonesEnid-Raye Adams as Jones Enid-Raye Adams as Jones
A28 Ronny Cox as Senator KinseyRonny Cox as Senator Kinsey Ronny Cox as Senator Kinsey
A29 Garry Chalk as Colonel ChekovGarry Chalk as Colonel Chekov Garry Chalk as Colonel Chekov
A30 Bruce Harwood as Dr. OsbourneBruce Harwood as Dr. Osbourne Bruce Harwood as Dr. Osbourne
A31 John Billingsley as Simon CoombsJohn Billingsley as Simon Coombs John Billingsley as Simon Coombs
A32 Peter Stebbings as MalekPeter Stebbings as Malek Peter Stebbings as Malek
A34 Cliff Simon as BaalCliff Simon as Baal Cliff Simon as Baal
A35 Obi Ndefo as Rak'norObi Ndefo as Rak'nor Obi Ndefo as Rak'nor
A36 Ian Buchanan as First
A37 Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter <FONT COLOR=(Limited)">Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter <FONT COLOR=(Limited)"> Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter (Limited)
A38 Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson <FONT COLOR=(Limited)">Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson <FONT COLOR=(Limited)"> Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson (Limited)
A39 Jacqueline Samuda as NirrtiJacqueline Samuda as Nirrti Jacqueline Samuda as Nirrti
A40 Brad Wright (Executive Producer) <FONT COLOR=(Limited)">Brad Wright (Executive Producer) <FONT COLOR=(Limited)"> Brad Wright (Executive Producer) (Limited)
A41 Ona Grauer as AyianaOna Grauer as Ayiana Ona Grauer as Ayiana

Multi-Case Purchase Incentive - Dual Autograph

DA1 Michael Shanks and Amanda TappingMichael Shanks and Amanda Tapping Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping

5 Costume Cards (1:120 Packs)

C17 Major Samantha CarterMajor Samantha Carter Major Samantha Carter
C18 Jonas QuinnJonas Quinn Jonas Quinn
C19 Dr. FraiserDr. Fraiser Dr. Fraiser
C20 General HammondGeneral Hammond General Hammond
C21 Colonel O'Neill (Exclusive to Collector's Album)Colonel O'Neill (Exclusive to Collector's Album) Colonel O'Neill (Exclusive to Collector's Album)

Case Topper Card

A33 Musetta Vander as Shaun'aucMusetta Vander as Shaun'auc Musetta Vander as Shaun'auc

3 Promo Cards

P1 General DistributionGeneral Distribution General Distribution
P2 Non-Sport Update MagazineNon-Sport Update Magazine Non-Sport Update Magazine
P3 Album ExclusiveAlbum Exclusive Album Exclusive
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Insertion rates represent an average across the entire production run.
There are no guarantees within any individual box or case.