The Outer Limits:
Sex, Cyborgs and Science Fiction Checklist

Key: Scarce = 100 or less, Extremely Limited = 100-200, Very Limited = 200-300, Limited = 300-500 range, Normal = over 500
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81 Base Cards

01 Title Card
02 Sandkings
03 Sandkings
04 Sandkings
05 Sandkings
06 Sandkings
07 Sandkings
08 Sandkings
09 Sandkings
10 Valerie 23
11 Valerie 23
12 Valerie 23
13 Valerie 23
14 Valerie 23
15 Valerie 23
16 Bits of Love
17 Bits of Love
18 Bits of Love
19 Bits of Love
20 Bits of Love
21 Bits of Love
22 A Special Edition
23 A Special Edition
24 A Special Edition
25 A Special Edition
26 A Special Edition
27 A Special Edition
28 Skin Deep
29 Skin Deep
30 Skin Deep
31 Skin Deep
32 Skin Deep
33 Skin Deep
34 Stasis
35 Stasis
36 Stasis
37 Stasis
38 Stasis
39 Stasis
40 Revival
41 Revival
42 Revival
43 Revival
44 Revival
45 Revival
46 Final Appeal
47 Final Appeal
48 Final Appeal
49 Final Appeal
50 Final Appeal
51 Final Appeal
52 Final Appeal
53 Final Appeal
54 Final Appeal
55 Mona Lisa
56 Mona Lisa
57 Mona Lisa
58 Mona Lisa
59 Mona Lisa
60 Mona Lisa
61 Think Like a Dinosaur
62 Think Like a Dinosaur
63 Think Like a Dinosaur
64 Think Like a Dinosaur
65 Think Like a Dinosaur
66 Think Like a Dinosaur
67 Zig Zag
68 Zig Zag
69 Zig Zag
70 Zig Zag
71 Zig Zag
72 Zig Zag
73 Rule of Law
74 Rule of Law
75 Rule of Law
76 Rule of Law
77 Rule of Law
78 Rule of Law
79 Checklist 1
80 Checklist 2
81 Checklist 3

9 Opening Monolgue (1:3 packs)

M1 Opening Monolgue
M2 Opening Monolgue
M3 Opening Monolgue
M4 Opening Monolgue
M5 Opening Monolgue
M6 Opening Monolgue
M7 Opening Monolgue
M8 Opening Monolgue
M9 Opening Monolgue

18 Stars of The Outer Limits (1:6 packs)

S01 Natasha Henstridge
S02 Brent Spiner
S03 Margot Kidder
S04 Michael Ironside
S05 Nana Visitor
S06 Robert Picardo
S07 Charlton Heston
S08 Sheena Easton
S09 Jeremy Sisto
S10 Hal Holbrook
S11 Kelly McGillis
S12 John Amos
S13 Alan Thicke
S14 Bruce Harwood
S15 Sean Patrick Flanery
S16 Beau Bridges
S17 Gary Busey
S18 William B. Davis

11 "From The Archives" Costume Cards (1:20 packs)

CC01 Gary Busey from "Revival" (Limited)
CC02 John Amos from "Zig Zag"
CC03 Beau Bridges from "Sandkings"
CC04 Sean Patrick Flanery from "Stasis" (Limited)
CC05 Linnea Sharples from "Think Like a Dinosaur"
CC06 Frank Whaley from "Zig Zag"
CC07 Adam Goldberg from "Skin Deep"
CC08 William Sadler from "Valerie 23"
CC09 Jeremy Sisto from "A New Life" (Limited)
CC10 Laura Harris from "Mona Lisa"
CC12 Robert Picardo from "Sarcophagus" (Binder Exclusive)

16 Autograph Cards (3 per box)

A01 Natasha Henstridge in "Bits of Love"
A02 Brent Spiner in "The Deprogrammers" (Limited)
A03 Margot Kidder in "Revival"
A04 Michael Ironside in "Rule of Law"
A05 Nana Visitor in "In Our Own Image" (Limited)
A06 Hal Holbrook in "Final Appeal" (Limited)
A07 Alan Thicke in "A Special Edition"
A08 Robert Picardo in "Sarcophagus" (Limited)
A09 Burt Young in "Tempests"
A10 Beau Bridges in "Sandkings"
A11 Dylan Bridges in "Sandkings"
A12 Rebecca DeMornay in "Conversion"
A13 Sofia Shinas in "Valerie 23"
A14 William Sadler in "Valerie 23"
A16 William B. Davis in "Out of Body"
A17 Alex Diakun in "Tribunal"

Case Topper Costume Card

CC11 Brent Spiner as Professor Davis in "The Deprogrammers"

4 Promo Cards

P1 General Distribution
P2 Non-Sport Update
P3 Binder Exclusive
RAUKTOL UK Exclusive
Checklist subject to change without notice.
Insertion rates represent an average across the entire production run.
There are no guarantees within any individual box or case.