The Complete Highlander: The Series Checklist

Key: Scarce = 100 or less, Extremely Limited = 100-200, Very Limited = 200-300, Limited = 300-500 range, Normal = over 500
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126 Base Cards

001 Title Card
002 Season One Overview
003 The Gathering
004 Family Tree
005 The Road Not Taken
006 Innocent Man
007 Free Fall
008 Bad Day at Building A
009 Mountain Men
010 Deadly Medicine
011 The Sea Witch
012 Revenge is Sweet
013 See No Evil
014 Eyewitness
015 Band of Brothers
016 For Evil's Sake
017 For Tomorrow We Die
018 The Beast Below
019 Saving Grace
020 The Lady and the Tiger
021 Eye of the Beholder
022 Avenging Angel
023 Nowhere to Run
024 The Hunters
025 Season Two Overview
026 The Watchers
027 Studies in Light
028 Turnabout
029 The Darkness
030 An Eye for an Eye
031 The Zone
032 The Return of Amanda
033 Revenge of the Sword
034 Run For Your Life
035 Epitaph for Tommy
036 The Fighter
037 Under Color of Authority
038 Bless the Child
039 "Unholy Alliance, Part I"
040 "Unholy Alliance, Part II"
041 The Vampire
042 Warmonger
043 Pharaoh's Daughter
044 Legacy
045 Prodigal Son
046 "Counterfeit, Part I"
047 "Counterfeit, Part 2"
048 Season Three Overview
049 Samurai
050 Line of Fire
051 The Revolutionary
052 The Cross of St. Antoine
053 Rite of Passage
054 Courage
055 The Lamb
056 Obsession
057 Shadows
058 Blackmail
059 Vendetta
060 They Also Serve
061 Blind Faith
062 Song of the Executioner
063 Star Crossed
064 Methos
065 Take Back the Night
066 Testimony
067 Mortal Sins
068 Reasonable Doubt
069 "Finale, Part I"
070 "Finale, Part 2"
071 Season Four Overview
072 Homeland
073 Brothers in Arm
074 The Innocent
075 Leader of the Pack
076 Double Eagle
077 Reunion
078 The Colonel
079 Reluctant Heroes
080 The Wrath of Kali
081 Chivalry
082 Timeless
083 The Blitz
084 Something Wicked
085 Deliverance
086 Promise
087 Methuselah's Gift
088 The Immortal Cimoli
089 "Through a Glass, Darkly"
090 Double Jeopardy
091 Til Death
092 Judgment Day
093 One Minute to Midnight
094 Season Five Overview
095 Prophecy
096 The End of Innocence
097 Manhunt
098 Glory Days
099 Dramatic License
100 Money No Object
101 The Haunted
102 Little Tin God
103 The Messenger
104 The Valkyrie
105 Comes a Horseman
106 Revelation 6:8
107 Ransom of Richard Redstone
108 Duende
109 Forgive Us Our Trespasses
110 The Stone of Scone
111 The Modern Prometheus
112 Archangel
113 Season Six Overview
114 Avatar
115 Armageddon
116 Sins of the Father
117 Diplomatic Immunity
118 Patient Number 7
119 Black Tower
120 Unusual Suspect
121 Justice
122 Deadly Exposure
123 Two of Hearts
124 Indiscretions
125 To Be
126 Not To Be

3 Checklist Cards (1:6 packs)

C1 Checklist 1
C2 Checklist 2
C3 Checklist 3

22 Highlander: The Raven (1:3 packs)

R01 Reborn
R02 Full Disclosure
R03 Bloodlines
R04 Immunity
R05 So Shall Ye Reap
R06 Birthright
R07 Crime and Punishment
R08 The Unknown Soldier
R09 Cloak and Dagger
R10 Passion Play
R11 The Devil You Know
R12 "A Matter of Time, Part 1"
R13 "The French Connection, Part 2"
R14 The Rogue
R15 Inferno
R16 The Frame
R17 Love and Death
R18 thick as Thieves
R19 The Manipulator
R20 The Ex-Files
R21 War and Peace
R22 Dead on Arrival

9 Lover (1:8 packs)

L1 Amanda
L2 Tessa
L3 Debra Campbell
L4 Carmen
L5 Little Deer
L6 Bess
L7 Kristen Gilles
L8 Sarah
L9 Reagan Cole

9 Warrior (1:20 packs)

Q1 Duncan vs. Otavio Consone
Q2 Duncan vs. Martin Hyde
Q3 Duncan vs. Hugh Fitzcairn
Q4 Duncan vs. Paul Karros
Q5 Duncan vs. Karros
Q6 Duncan vs. Hideo Koto
Q7 Duncan vs. Steven Keane
Q8 Duncan vs. Nicholas War
Q9 Duncan vs. Morgan D'Estaing

6 Wanderer (1:40 packs)

W1 1618
W2 1635
W3 1778
W4 1815
W5 1851
W6 1864

20 Autograph Cards (3 per box)

A01 Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod (Limited)
A02 Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson
A03 Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan (Limited)
A04 Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda (Limited)
A05 Traci Lords as Greta (Limited)
A06 James Horan as Grayson
A07 Lisa Howard as Dr. Anne Lindsey
A08 Tom McBeath as Coleman
A09 Marcia Strassman as Betsy Fields
A10 Sandra Bernhard as Carolyn Marsh
A11 Claudia Christian as Katherine
A12 Michael Shanks as Jesse Collins
A13 Ocean Hellman as Alexa
A14 Amanda Wyss as Randi MacFarland
A15 Anthony Head as Allan Rothwood
A16 Tamlyn Tomita as Midori Koto
A17 Matt Walker as Ian MacLeod
A18 Ron Perlman as The Messenger
A19 Don S. Davis as Palance
A20 Alan Scarfe as Craig Webster

"From the Archives" Costume Card

CC1 Adrian Paul costume card from Highlander: Endgame (Exclusive to Binder)

4 Promo Cards

P1 General Distribution
P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine
P3 Binder Exclusive
PCE-2003 Promo Card Encyclopedia Exclusive
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There are no guarantees within any individual box or case.