Enterprise 9-Card Preview Set Checklist

Key: Scarce = 100 or less, Extremely Limited = 100-200, Very Limited = 200-300, Limited = 300-500 range, Normal = over 500
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9 Base Cards

Card Number Card Image Card Title
1 of 9 Enterprise Crew Base cardEnterprise Crew Base card Enterprise Crew
2 of 9 Captain Jonathan Archer Base cardCaptain Jonathan Archer Base card Captain Jonathan Archer
3 of 9 Sub-Commander T'Pol Base cardSub-Commander T'Pol Base card Sub-Commander T'Pol
4 of 9 Chief Engineer Charles Chief Engineer Charles Chief Engineer Charles "Trip" Tucker, III
5 of 9 Lieutenant Malcolm Reed Base cardLieutenant Malcolm Reed Base card Lieutenant Malcolm Reed
6 of 9 Ensign Travis Mayweather Base cardEnsign Travis Mayweather Base card Ensign Travis Mayweather
7 of 9 Ensign Hoshi Sato Base cardEnsign Hoshi Sato Base card Ensign Hoshi Sato
8 of 9 Doctor Phlox Base cardDoctor Phlox Base card Doctor Phlox
9 of 9 Enterprise NX-01 Base cardEnterprise NX-01 Base card Enterprise NX-01
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