The Complete Babylon 5 Checklist

Key: Scarce = 100 or less, Extremely Limited = 100-200, Very Limited = 200-300, Limited = 300-500 range, Normal = over 500
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120 Base Cards

001 The Complete Babylon 5
002 The Gathering
003 Season One Overview
004 Midnight on the Firing Line
005 Soul Hunter
006 Born to the Purple
007 Infection
008 The Parliament of Dreams
009 Mind War
010 The War Prayer
011 And The Sky Full Of Stars
012 Deathwalker
013 Believers
014 Survivors
015 By Any Means Necessary
016 Signs and Portents
017 TKO
018 Grail
019 Eyes
020 Legacies
021 A Voice in the Wilderness I
022 A Voice in the Wilderness II
023 Babylon Squared
024 The Quality of Mercy
025 Chrysalis
026 Season Two Overview
027 Points of Departure
028 Revelations
029 The Geometry of Shadows
030 A Distant Star
031 The Long Dark
032 A Spider in the Web
033 Soul Mates
034 A Race Through Dark Places
035 The Coming of Shadows
037 All Alone in the Night
038 Acts of Sacrifice
039 Hunter, Prey
040 There All the Honor Lies
041 And Now For a Word
042 In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum
043 Knives
044 Confessions and Lamentations
045 Divided Loyalties
046 The Long, Twilight Struggle
047 Comes the Inquisitor
048 The Fall of Night
049 Season Three Overview
050 Matters of Honor
051 Convictions
052 A Day in the Strife
053 Passing Through Gethsemane
054 Voices of Authority
055 Dust to Dust
056 Exogenesis
057 Messages from Earth
058 Point of No Return
059 Severed Dreams
060 Ceremonies of Light and Dark
061 Sic Transit Vir
062 A Late Delivery from Avalon
063 Ship of Tears
064 Interludes and Examinations
065 War Without End I
066 War Without End II
067 Walkabout
068 Grey 17 Is Missing
069 And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
070 Shadow Dancing
071 Z'ha'dum
072 Season Four Overview
073 The Hour of the Wolf
074 Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
075 The Summoning
076 Falling Toward Apotheosis
077 The Long Night
078 Into the Fire
079 Epiphanies
080 The Illusion of Truth
081 Atonement
082 Racing Mars
083 Lines of Communication
084 Conflicts of Interest
085 Rumors, Bargains and Lies
086 Moments of Transition
087 No Surrender, No Retreat
088 The Exercise of Vital Powers
089 The Face of the Enemy
090 Intersections in Real Time
091 Between the Darkness and the Light
092 Endgame
093 Rising Star
094 The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
095 Season Five Overview
096 No Compromises
097 The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
098 The Paragon of Animals
099 A View from the Gallery
100 Learning Curve
101 Strange Relations
102 Secrets of the Soul
103 In the Kingdom of the Blind
104 A Tragedy of Telepaths
105 Phoenix Rising
106 Day of the Dead
107 The Ragged Edge
108 The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father
109 Meditations on the Abyss
110 Darkness Ascending
111 And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
112 Movements of Fire and Shadow
113 The Fall of Centauri Prime
114 Wheel of Fire
115 Objects in Motion
116 Objects at Rest
117 Sleeping in Light
118 Checklist I
119 Checklist II
120 Checklist III

9 Classic Confrontations (1:4 Packs)

CC1 Classic Confrontations
CC2 Classic Confrontations
CC3 Classic Confrontations
CC4 Classic Confrontations
CC5 Classic Confrontations
CC6 Classic Confrontations
CC7 Classic Confrontations
CC8 Classic Confrontations
CC9 Classic Confrontations

21 The Women of Babylon 5 In Motion (1:10 Packs)

W01 Delenn from "War Prayer"
W02 Delenn from "Revelations"
W03 Delenn from "Severed Dreams"
W04 Delenn from "Severed Dreams"
W05 Delenn from "Atonement"
W06 Delenn from "No Compromises"
W07 Commander Susan Ivanova from "Deathwalker"
W08 Commander Susan Ivanova from "TKO"
W09 Commander Susan Ivanova from "Eyes"
W10 Lyta Alexander from "Thirdspace"
W11 Lyta Alexander from "Thirdspace"
W12 Catherine Sakai from "Mind War"
W13 Captain Elizabeth Lochley from "No Compromises"
W14 Captain Elizabeth Lochley from "Objects at Rest"
W15 Number One from "Objects In Motion"
W16 Adira Tyree from "Born to the Purple"
W17 Adira Tyree from "Born to the Purple"
W18 Anna Sheridan from "Z'ha'Dum"
W19 Talia Winters from "Mind War"
W20 Talia Winters from "A Race Through Dark Places"
W21 Na'Toth from Deathwalker

12 The Movies (1:8 Packs)

M01 In the Beginning
M02 In the Beginning
M03 In the Beginning
M04 Thirdspace
M05 Thirdspace
M06 Thirdspace
M07 The River of Souls
M08 The River of Souls
M09 The River of Souls
M10 A Call to Arms
M11 A Call to Arms
M12 A Call to Arms

6 Costume Cards (1:40 Packs)

C1 Capt. Sheridan
C2 G'Kar
C3 Londo Molari
C4 Garibaldi
C5 Dr. Franklin
C6 Susan Ivanova (Binder Exclusive)

13 Autograph Cards (1:20 Packs)

Au01 Michael O'Hare as Jeffrey Sinclair
Au02 Andrea Thompson as Talia Winters
Au03 John Fleck as Del Varner
Au04 Tamlyn Tomita as Laurel Takashima
Au05 Blaire Baron as Carolyn Sykes
Au06 Julia Nickson as Catherine Sakai
Au07 Tim Choate as Zathras
Au08 Mary Kay Adams as Na'Toth
Au09 Robin Curtis as Ambassador Kalika
Au10 Jason Carter as Marcus Cole
Au11 Julie Caitlin-Brown as Guinevere Corey
Au12 Phil Morris as Bill Trainor
Au13 Sarah Douglas as Jha'dur

Double Signed Card (1:480 Packs)

DA1 Bruce Boxleitner/Melissa Gilbert as Capt. Sheridan/Anna Sheridan

Case Topper Autograph Card

A1 J. Michael Straczynski

6 Legend of the Rangers (Box Topper)

B1 Legend of the Rangers
B2 Legend of the Rangers
B3 Legend of the Rangers
B4 Legend of the Rangers
B5 Legend of the Rangers
B6 Legend of the Rangers

2 SketchaFEX Cards (1:480)

unnumberd Kosh by Dan Schafer
unnumberd Babylon 5 Station by Chris Bolson

Promo Cards

P1 Promo Card
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Insertion rates represent an average across the entire production run.
There are no guarantees within any individual box or case.