2014 WNBA Trading Cards Factory Set Checklist

Key: Scarce = 100 or less, Extremely Limited = 100-200, Very Limited = 200-300, Limited = 300-500 range, Normal = over 500
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100 Base Cards

Card Number Card Image Card Title
001 Aneika Henry Base cardAneika Henry Base card Aneika Henry (Atlanta)
002 Angel McCoughtry Base cardAngel McCoughtry Base card Angel McCoughtry (Atlanta)
003 Erika de Souza Base cardErika de Souza Base card Erika de Souza (Atlanta)
004 Jasmine Thomas Base cardJasmine Thomas Base card Jasmine Thomas (Atlanta)
005 Matee Ajavon Base cardMatee Ajavon Base card Matee Ajavon (Atlanta)
006 Sancho Lyttle Base cardSancho Lyttle Base card Sancho Lyttle (Atlanta)
007 Shoni Schimmel - Rookie Base cardShoni Schimmel - Rookie Base card Shoni Schimmel (Atlanta) - Rookie
008 Tiffany Hayes Base cardTiffany Hayes Base card Tiffany Hayes (Atlanta)
009 Allie Quigley Base cardAllie Quigley Base card Allie Quigley (Chicago)
010 Courtney Vandersloot Base cardCourtney Vandersloot Base card Courtney Vandersloot (Chicago)
011 Elena Delle Donne Base cardElena Delle Donne Base card Elena Delle Donne (Chicago)
012 Jamierra Faulkner - Rookie Base cardJamierra Faulkner - Rookie Base card Jamierra Faulkner (Chicago) - Rookie
013 Jessica Breland Base cardJessica Breland Base card Jessica Breland (Chicago)
014 Markeisha Gatling - Rookie Base cardMarkeisha Gatling - Rookie Base card Markeisha Gatling (Chicago) - Rookie
015 Sasha Goodlett Base cardSasha Goodlett Base card Sasha Goodlett (Chicago)
016 Sylvia Fowles Base cardSylvia Fowles Base card Sylvia Fowles (Chicago)
017 Tamera Young Base cardTamera Young Base card Tamera Young (Chicago)
018 Alex Bentley Base cardAlex Bentley Base card Alex Bentley (Connecticut)
019 Allison Hightower Base cardAllison Hightower Base card Allison Hightower (Connecticut)
020 Alyssa Thomas - Rookie Base cardAlyssa Thomas - Rookie Base card Alyssa Thomas (Connecticut) - Rookie
021 Chiney Ogwumike - Rookie Base cardChiney Ogwumike - Rookie Base card Chiney Ogwumike (Connecticut) - Rookie
022 Katie Douglas Base cardKatie Douglas Base card Katie Douglas (Connecticut)
023 Kelsey Bone Base cardKelsey Bone Base card Kelsey Bone (Connecticut)
024 Kelsey Griffin Base cardKelsey Griffin Base card Kelsey Griffin (Connecticut)
025 Renee Montgomery Base cardRenee Montgomery Base card Renee Montgomery (Connecticut)
026 Briann January Base cardBriann January Base card Briann January (Indiana)
027 Erlana Larkins Base cardErlana Larkins Base card Erlana Larkins (Indiana)
028 Karima Christmas Base cardKarima Christmas Base card Karima Christmas (Indiana)
029 Maggie Lucas - Rookie Base cardMaggie Lucas - Rookie Base card Maggie Lucas (Indiana) - Rookie
030 Marissa Coleman Base cardMarissa Coleman Base card Marissa Coleman (Indiana)
031 Natasha Howard - Rookie Base cardNatasha Howard - Rookie Base card Natasha Howard (Indiana) - Rookie
032 Shavonte Zellous Base cardShavonte Zellous Base card Shavonte Zellous (Indiana)
033 Tamika Catchings Base cardTamika Catchings Base card Tamika Catchings (Indiana)
034 Alana Beard Base cardAlana Beard Base card Alana Beard (Los Angeles)
035 Armintie Herrington Base cardArmintie Herrington Base card Armintie Herrington (Los Angeles)
036 Candice Wiggins Base cardCandice Wiggins Base card Candice Wiggins (Los Angeles)
037 Candace Parker Base cardCandace Parker Base card Candace Parker (Los Angeles)
038 Jantel Lavender Base cardJantel Lavender Base card Jantel Lavender (Los Angeles)
039 Kristi Toliver Base cardKristi Toliver Base card Kristi Toliver (Los Angeles)
040 Lindsey Harding Base cardLindsey Harding Base card Lindsey Harding (Los Angeles)
041 Nneka Ogwumike Base cardNneka Ogwumike Base card Nneka Ogwumike (Los Angeles)
042 Asia Taylor - Rookie Base cardAsia Taylor - Rookie Base card Asia Taylor (Minnesota) - Rookie
043 Damiris Dantas - Rookie Base cardDamiris Dantas - Rookie Base card Damiris Dantas (Minnesota) - Rookie
044 Janel McCarville Base cardJanel McCarville Base card Janel McCarville (Minnesota)
045 Lindsay Whalen Base cardLindsay Whalen Base card Lindsay Whalen (Minnesota)
046 Lindsey Moore Base cardLindsey Moore Base card Lindsey Moore (Minnesota)
047 Maya Moore Base cardMaya Moore Base card Maya Moore (Minnesota)
048 Seimone Augustus Base cardSeimone Augustus Base card Seimone Augustus (Minnesota)
049 Tan White Base cardTan White Base card Tan White (Minnesota)
050 Anna Cruz - Rookie Base cardAnna Cruz - Rookie Base card Anna Cruz (New York) - Rookie
051 Alex Montgomery Base cardAlex Montgomery Base card Alex Montgomery (New York)
052 Cappie Pondexter Base cardCappie Pondexter Base card Cappie Pondexter (New York)
053 Delisha Milton-Jones Base cardDelisha Milton-Jones Base card Delisha Milton-Jones (New York)
054 Essence Carson Base cardEssence Carson Base card Essence Carson (New York)
055 Plenette Pierson Base cardPlenette Pierson Base card Plenette Pierson (New York)
056 Sugar Rodgers Base cardSugar Rodgers Base card Sugar Rodgers (New York)
057 Tina Charles Base cardTina Charles Base card Tina Charles (New York)
058 Anete Jekabsone-Zogota Base cardAnete Jekabsone-Zogota Base card Anete Jekabsone-Zogota (Phoenix)
059 Brittney Griner Base cardBrittney Griner Base card Brittney Griner (Phoenix)
060 Candice Dupree Base cardCandice Dupree Base card Candice Dupree (Phoenix)
061 DeWanna Bonner Base cardDeWanna Bonner Base card DeWanna Bonner (Phoenix)
062 Diana Taurasi Base cardDiana Taurasi Base card Diana Taurasi (Phoenix)
063 Erin Phillips Base cardErin Phillips Base card Erin Phillips (Phoenix)
064 Mistie Bass Base cardMistie Bass Base card Mistie Bass (Phoenix)
065 Penny Taylor Base cardPenny Taylor Base card Penny Taylor (Phoenix)
066 Becky Hammon Base cardBecky Hammon Base card Becky Hammon (San Antonio)
067 Danielle Adams Base cardDanielle Adams Base card Danielle Adams (San Antonio)
068 Danielle Robinson Base cardDanielle Robinson Base card Danielle Robinson (San Antonio)
069 Jayne Appel Base cardJayne Appel Base card Jayne Appel (San Antonio)
070 Jia Perkins Base cardJia Perkins Base card Jia Perkins (San Antonio)
071 Kayla McBride - Rookie Base cardKayla McBride - Rookie Base card Kayla McBride (San Antonio) - Rookie
072 Shameka Christon Base cardShameka Christon Base card Shameka Christon (San Antonio)
073 Shenise Johnson Base cardShenise Johnson Base card Shenise Johnson (San Antonio)
074 Sophia Young-Malcolm Base cardSophia Young-Malcolm Base card Sophia Young-Malcolm (San Antonio)
075 Alysha Clark Base cardAlysha Clark Base card Alysha Clark (Seattle)
076 Angel Robinson - Rookie Base cardAngel Robinson - Rookie Base card Angel Robinson (Seattle) - Rookie
077 Camille Little Base cardCamille Little Base card Camille Little (Seattle)
078 Crystal Langhorne Base cardCrystal Langhorne Base card Crystal Langhorne (Seattle)
079 Jenna O'Hea Base cardJenna O'Hea Base card Jenna O'Hea (Seattle)
080 Noelle Quinn Base cardNoelle Quinn Base card Noelle Quinn (Seattle)
081 Shekinna Stricklen Base cardShekinna Stricklen Base card Shekinna Stricklen (Seattle)
082 Sue Bird Base cardSue Bird Base card Sue Bird (Seattle)
083 Tanisha Wright Base cardTanisha Wright Base card Tanisha Wright (Seattle)
084 Temeka Johnson Base cardTemeka Johnson Base card Temeka Johnson (Seattle)
085 Courtney Paris Base cardCourtney Paris Base card Courtney Paris (Tulsa)
086 Glory Johnson Base cardGlory Johnson Base card Glory Johnson (Tulsa)
087 Jordan Hooper - Rookie Base cardJordan Hooper - Rookie Base card Jordan Hooper (Tulsa) - Rookie
088 Odyssey Sims - Rookie Base cardOdyssey Sims - Rookie Base card Odyssey Sims (Tulsa) - Rookie
089 Riquna Williams Base cardRiquna Williams Base card Riquna Williams (Tulsa)
090 Roneeka Hodges Base cardRoneeka Hodges Base card Roneeka Hodges (Tulsa)
091 Skylar Diggins Base cardSkylar Diggins Base card Skylar Diggins (Tulsa)
092 Bria Hartley - Rookie Base cardBria Hartley - Rookie Base card Bria Hartley (Washington) - Rookie
093 Emma Meesseman Base cardEmma Meesseman Base card Emma Meesseman (Washington)
094 Ivory Latta Base cardIvory Latta Base card Ivory Latta (Washington)
095 Jelena Milovanovic - Rookie Base cardJelena Milovanovic - Rookie Base card Jelena Milovanovic (Washington) - Rookie
096 Kara Lawson Base cardKara Lawson Base card Kara Lawson (Washington)
097 Kia Vaughn Base cardKia Vaughn Base card Kia Vaughn (Washington)
098 Monique Currie Base cardMonique Currie Base card Monique Currie (Washington)
099 Stefanie Dolson - Rookie Base cardStefanie Dolson - Rookie Base card Stefanie Dolson (Washington) - Rookie
100 Tierra Ruffin-Pratt Base cardTierra Ruffin-Pratt Base card Tierra Ruffin-Pratt (Washington)

4 Autograph Cards

Card Number Card Image Card Title
Chiney Ogwumike - Rookie Autograph cardChiney Ogwumike - Rookie Autograph card Chiney Ogwumike (Connecticut) - Rookie
Nneka Ogwumike Autograph cardNneka Ogwumike Autograph card Nneka Ogwumike (Los Angeles)
Bria Hartley - Rookie Autograph cardBria Hartley - Rookie Autograph card Bria Hartley (Washington) - Rookie
Stefanie Dolson - Rookie Autograph cardStefanie Dolson - Rookie Autograph card Stefanie Dolson (Washington) - Rookie

Dual Autograph Cards

Card Number Card Image Card Title
Chiney Ogwumike and Nneka Ogwumike - Rookie Dual Autograph cardChiney Ogwumike and Nneka Ogwumike - Rookie Dual Autograph card Chiney Ogwumike (Connecticut) and Nneka Ogwumike (Los Angeles) - Rookie
Checklist subject to change without notice.
Insertion rates represent an average across the entire production run.
There are no guarantees within any individual box or case.