2014 Marvel 75th Anniversary Trading Cards Checklist

Key: Scarce = 100 or less, Extremely Limited = 100-200, Very Limited = 200-300, Limited = 300-500 range, Normal = over 500
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90 Base Cards

Card Number Card Image Card Title
01 Angel Base cardAngel Base card Angel
02 Ant-Man Base cardAnt-Man Base card Ant-Man
03 Baron Strucker Base cardBaron Strucker Base card Baron Strucker
04 Beast Base cardBeast Base card Beast
05 Betty Ross / Red She-Hulk Base cardBetty Ross / Red She-Hulk Base card Betty Ross / Red She-Hulk
06 Black Bolt Base cardBlack Bolt Base card Black Bolt
07 Black Cat Base cardBlack Cat Base card Black Cat
08 Black Knight Base cardBlack Knight Base card Black Knight
09 Black Panther Base cardBlack Panther Base card Black Panther
10 Black Widow Base cardBlack Widow Base card Black Widow
11 Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier Base cardBucky Barnes / Winter Soldier Base card Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier
12 Bullseye Base cardBullseye Base card Bullseye
13 Cable Base cardCable Base card Cable
14 Captain America Base cardCaptain America Base card Captain America
15 Captain Marvel Base cardCaptain Marvel Base card Captain Marvel
16 Captain Mar-Vell Base cardCaptain Mar-Vell Base card Captain Mar-Vell
17 Colossus Base cardColossus Base card Colossus
18 Cyclops Base cardCyclops Base card Cyclops
19 Daredevil Base cardDaredevil Base card Daredevil
20 Dazzler Base cardDazzler Base card Dazzler
21 Deathlok Base cardDeathlok Base card Deathlok
22 Doctor Doom Base cardDoctor Doom Base card Doctor Doom
23 Doctor Octopus Base cardDoctor Octopus Base card Doctor Octopus
24 Doctor Strange Base cardDoctor Strange Base card Doctor Strange
25 Electro Base cardElectro Base card Electro
26 Elektra Base cardElektra Base card Elektra
27 Emma Frost Base cardEmma Frost Base card Emma Frost
28 Enchantress Base cardEnchantress Base card Enchantress
29 Falcon Base cardFalcon Base card Falcon
30 Galactus Base cardGalactus Base card Galactus
31 General Ross / Red Hulk Base cardGeneral Ross / Red Hulk Base card General Ross / Red Hulk
32 Ghost Rider Base cardGhost Rider Base card Ghost Rider
33 Green Goblin Base cardGreen Goblin Base card Green Goblin
34 Havok Base cardHavok Base card Havok
35 Hawkeye Base cardHawkeye Base card Hawkeye
36 Hercules Base cardHercules Base card Hercules
37 Hulk Base cardHulk Base card Hulk
38 Human Torch Base cardHuman Torch Base card Human Torch
39 Iceman Base cardIceman Base card Iceman
40 Invisible Woman Base cardInvisible Woman Base card Invisible Woman
41 Iron Fist Base cardIron Fist Base card Iron Fist
42 Iron Man Base cardIron Man Base card Iron Man
43 Jean Grey Base cardJean Grey Base card Jean Grey
44 Ka-zar Base cardKa-zar Base card Ka-zar
45 Kingpin Base cardKingpin Base card Kingpin
46 Loki Base cardLoki Base card Loki
47 Magik Base cardMagik Base card Magik
48 Magneto Base cardMagneto Base card Magneto
49 Mandarin Base cardMandarin Base card Mandarin
50 Mary Jane Watson Base cardMary Jane Watson Base card Mary Jane Watson
51 Medusa Base cardMedusa Base card Medusa
52 Moon Knight Base cardMoon Knight Base card Moon Knight
53 Mr. Fantastic Base cardMr. Fantastic Base card Mr. Fantastic
54 Mystique Base cardMystique Base card Mystique
55 Namor Base cardNamor Base card Namor
56 Nick Fury Base cardNick Fury Base card Nick Fury
57 Nova Base cardNova Base card Nova
58 Odin Base cardOdin Base card Odin
59 Pepper Potts Base cardPepper Potts Base card Pepper Potts
60 Polaris Base cardPolaris Base card Polaris
61 Power Man Base cardPower Man Base card Power Man
62 Professor Xavier Base cardProfessor Xavier Base card Professor Xavier
63 Psylocke Base cardPsylocke Base card Psylocke
64 Punisher Base cardPunisher Base card Punisher
65 Quicksilver Base cardQuicksilver Base card Quicksilver
66 Red Skull Base cardRed Skull Base card Red Skull
67 Rhino Base cardRhino Base card Rhino
68 Rick Jones / A-Bomb Base cardRick Jones / A-Bomb Base card Rick Jones / A-Bomb
69 Rogue Base cardRogue Base card Rogue
70 Sabretooth Base cardSabretooth Base card Sabretooth
71 Scarlet Witch Base cardScarlet Witch Base card Scarlet Witch
72 Shadowcat Base cardShadowcat Base card Shadowcat
73 Shanna She-Devil Base cardShanna She-Devil Base card Shanna She-Devil
74 She-Hulk Base cardShe-Hulk Base card She-Hulk
75 Sif Base cardSif Base card Sif
76 Silver Surfer Base cardSilver Surfer Base card Silver Surfer
77 Speedball Base cardSpeedball Base card Speedball
78 Spider-Man Base cardSpider-Man Base card Spider-Man
79 Spider-Woman Base cardSpider-Woman Base card Spider-Woman
80 Storm Base cardStorm Base card Storm
81 Thing Base cardThing Base card Thing
82 Thor Base cardThor Base card Thor
83 Tigra Base cardTigra Base card Tigra
84 Uatu The Watcher Base cardUatu The Watcher Base card Uatu The Watcher
85 Ultron Base cardUltron Base card Ultron
86 Valkyrie Base cardValkyrie Base card Valkyrie
87 Venom Base cardVenom Base card Venom
88 Vision Base cardVision Base card Vision
89 Wasp Base cardWasp Base card Wasp
90 Wolverine Base cardWolverine Base card Wolverine

90 Sapphire Parallel (1:8 packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
1-90 90 Sapphire Parallel90 Sapphire Parallel

90 Emerald Parallel (1:24 packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
1-90 90 Emerald Parallel90 Emerald Parallel

90 Diamond Parallel (1:288 packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
1-90 90 Diamond Parallel90 Diamond Parallel

13 X-Men Evolution (1:24 packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
XE01 Cyclops X-Men EvolutionCyclops X-Men Evolution Cyclops
XE02 Rogue X-Men EvolutionRogue X-Men Evolution Rogue
XE03 Iceman X-Men EvolutionIceman X-Men Evolution Iceman
XE04 Havok X-Men EvolutionHavok X-Men Evolution Havok
XE05 Magneto X-Men EvolutionMagneto X-Men Evolution Magneto
XE06 Shadowcat X-Men EvolutionShadowcat X-Men Evolution Shadowcat
XE07 Jean Grey X-Men EvolutionJean Grey X-Men Evolution Jean Grey
XE08 Wolverine X-Men EvolutionWolverine X-Men Evolution Wolverine
XE09 Angel X-Men EvolutionAngel X-Men Evolution Angel
XE10 Emma Frost X-Men EvolutionEmma Frost X-Men Evolution Emma Frost
XE11 Storm X-Men EvolutionStorm X-Men Evolution Storm
XE12 Beast X-Men EvolutionBeast X-Men Evolution Beast
XE13 Sabretooth X-Men EvolutionSabretooth X-Men Evolution Sabretooth

13 X-Men Evolution GOLD Parallel (1:144 packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
XE01 Cyclops X-Men Evolution GOLD ParallelCyclops X-Men Evolution GOLD Parallel Cyclops
XE02 Rogue X-Men Evolution GOLD ParallelRogue X-Men Evolution GOLD Parallel Rogue
XE03 Iceman X-Men Evolution GOLD ParallelIceman X-Men Evolution GOLD Parallel Iceman
XE04 Havok X-Men Evolution GOLD ParallelHavok X-Men Evolution GOLD Parallel Havok
XE05 Magneto X-Men Evolution GOLD ParallelMagneto X-Men Evolution GOLD Parallel Magneto
XE06 Shadowcat X-Men Evolution GOLD ParallelShadowcat X-Men Evolution GOLD Parallel Shadowcat
XE07 Jean Grey X-Men Evolution GOLD ParallelJean Grey X-Men Evolution GOLD Parallel Jean Grey
XE08 Wolverine X-Men Evolution GOLD ParallelWolverine X-Men Evolution GOLD Parallel Wolverine
XE09 Angel X-Men Evolution GOLD ParallelAngel X-Men Evolution GOLD Parallel Angel
XE10 Emma Frost X-Men Evolution GOLD ParallelEmma Frost X-Men Evolution GOLD Parallel Emma Frost
XE11 Storm X-Men Evolution GOLD ParallelStorm X-Men Evolution GOLD Parallel Storm
XE12 Beast X-Men Evolution GOLD ParallelBeast X-Men Evolution GOLD Parallel Beast
XE13 Sabretooth X-Men Evolution GOLD ParallelSabretooth X-Men Evolution GOLD Parallel Sabretooth

9 Die-Cut Panel Bursts (1:24 packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
PB1 Iron Man Die-Cut Panel BurstsIron Man Die-Cut Panel Bursts Iron Man
PB2 Captain America Die-Cut Panel BurstsCaptain America Die-Cut Panel Bursts Captain America
PB3 Thor Die-Cut Panel BurstsThor Die-Cut Panel Bursts Thor
PB4 Spider-Man Die-Cut Panel BurstsSpider-Man Die-Cut Panel Bursts Spider-Man
PB5 Wolverine Die-Cut Panel BurstsWolverine Die-Cut Panel Bursts Wolverine
PB6 Ghost Rider Die-Cut Panel BurstsGhost Rider Die-Cut Panel Bursts Ghost Rider
PB7 Hulk Die-Cut Panel BurstsHulk Die-Cut Panel Bursts Hulk
PB8 Daredevil Die-Cut Panel BurstsDaredevil Die-Cut Panel Bursts Daredevil
PB9 Doctor Strange Die-Cut Panel BurstsDoctor Strange Die-Cut Panel Bursts Doctor Strange

18 Sticker Cards (1:24 packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
S19 Black Widow Sticker cardBlack Widow Sticker card Black Widow
S20 Iron Fist Sticker cardIron Fist Sticker card Iron Fist
S21 Phoenix Sticker cardPhoenix Sticker card Phoenix
S22 Falcon Sticker cardFalcon Sticker card Falcon
S23 Dr. Strange Sticker cardDr. Strange Sticker card Dr. Strange
S24 Medusa Sticker cardMedusa Sticker card Medusa
S25 Black Bolt Sticker cardBlack Bolt Sticker card Black Bolt
S26 Ghost Rider Sticker cardGhost Rider Sticker card Ghost Rider
S27 Magneto Sticker cardMagneto Sticker card Magneto
S28 Mystique Sticker cardMystique Sticker card Mystique
S29 Storm Sticker cardStorm Sticker card Storm
S30 Cyclops Sticker cardCyclops Sticker card Cyclops
S31 Nova Sticker cardNova Sticker card Nova
S32 Hawkeye Sticker cardHawkeye Sticker card Hawkeye
S33 Ms. Marvel Sticker cardMs. Marvel Sticker card Ms. Marvel
S34 Green Goblin Sticker cardGreen Goblin Sticker card Green Goblin
S35 Invisible Woman Sticker cardInvisible Woman Sticker card Invisible Woman
S36 Dr. Doom Sticker cardDr. Doom Sticker card Dr. Doom

25 Marvel 75th Annivesray (1:144 packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
02 Archangel Marvel 75th AnnivesrayArchangel Marvel 75th Annivesray Archangel
05 Nick Fury Marvel 75th AnnivesrayNick Fury Marvel 75th Annivesray Nick Fury
08 Hulk Marvel 75th AnnivesrayHulk Marvel 75th Annivesray Hulk
11 Beta-Ray Bill Marvel 75th AnnivesrayBeta-Ray Bill Marvel 75th Annivesray Beta-Ray Bill
14 Human Torch Marvel 75th AnnivesrayHuman Torch Marvel 75th Annivesray Human Torch
17 Dr. Doom Marvel 75th AnnivesrayDr. Doom Marvel 75th Annivesray Dr. Doom
20 Iron Man Marvel 75th AnnivesrayIron Man Marvel 75th Annivesray Iron Man
23 DarkHawk Marvel 75th AnnivesrayDarkHawk Marvel 75th Annivesray DarkHawk
26 Deadpool Marvel 75th AnnivesrayDeadpool Marvel 75th Annivesray Deadpool
29 Nightcrawler Marvel 75th AnnivesrayNightcrawler Marvel 75th Annivesray Nightcrawler
32 Moon Knight Marvel 75th AnnivesrayMoon Knight Marvel 75th Annivesray Moon Knight
35 Captain Britain Marvel 75th AnnivesrayCaptain Britain Marvel 75th Annivesray Captain Britain
38 Morbius Marvel 75th AnnivesrayMorbius Marvel 75th Annivesray Morbius
41 Nova Marvel 75th AnnivesrayNova Marvel 75th Annivesray Nova
44 Wolverine Marvel 75th AnnivesrayWolverine Marvel 75th Annivesray Wolverine
47 Blackbolt Marvel 75th AnnivesrayBlackbolt Marvel 75th Annivesray Blackbolt
50 Man-Thing Marvel 75th AnnivesrayMan-Thing Marvel 75th Annivesray Man-Thing
53 Odin Marvel 75th AnnivesrayOdin Marvel 75th Annivesray Odin
56 Mr. Fantastic Marvel 75th AnnivesrayMr. Fantastic Marvel 75th Annivesray Mr. Fantastic
59 Spider-Man Marvel 75th AnnivesraySpider-Man Marvel 75th Annivesray Spider-Man
62 Loki Marvel 75th AnnivesrayLoki Marvel 75th Annivesray Loki
65 Gambit Marvel 75th AnnivesrayGambit Marvel 75th Annivesray Gambit
68 Vision Marvel 75th AnnivesrayVision Marvel 75th Annivesray Vision
71 Hawkeye Marvel 75th AnnivesrayHawkeye Marvel 75th Annivesray Hawkeye
74 Green Goblin Marvel 75th AnnivesrayGreen Goblin Marvel 75th Annivesray Green Goblin

17 Bronze Age Cut Comic Panels (1:288 packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
BA01 THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #113 (53 cards)
BA02 THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #126 (40 cards)
BA03 THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #141 (46 cards)
BA04 THE AVENGERS #93 (79 cards)
BA05 THE AVENGERS #108 (49 cards)
BA06 THE AVENGERS #113 (47 cards)
BA07 CAPTAIN AMERICA #165 (37 cards)
BA08 CAPTAIN AMERICA #177 (23 cards)
BA09 CAPTAIN AMERICA #187 (44 cards)
BA10 DAREDEVIL #96 (20 cards)
BA11 DAREDEVIL #108 (40 cards)
BA12 FANTASTIC FOUR #185 (38 cards)
BA13 FANTASTIC FOUR #203 (Archive Box Exclusive)
BA14 THE INCREDIBLE HULK #157 (19 cards)
BA15 IRON MAN #54 (47 cards)
BA16 IRON MAN #132 (35 cards)
BA17 THOR #226 (30 cards)

18 Silver Age Cut Comic Panels (1:288 packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
SA01 THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #36 (32 cards)
SA02 THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #31 (34 cards)
SA03 THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Annual #4 (98 cards)
SA04 THE AVENGERS #34 (30 cards)
SA05 CAPTAIN AMERICA #106 (23 cards)
SA06 CAPTAIN AMERICA #112 (31 cards)
SA07 FANTASTIC FOUR #60 (50 cards)
SA08 FANTASTIC FOUR #39 (45 cards)
SA09 FANTASTIC FOUR #69 (47 cards)
SA10 IRON MAN #13 (37 cards)
SA11 TALES OF SUSPENSE #85 (38 cards)
SA12 TALES OF SUSPENSE #95 (28 cards)
SA13 THOR #137 (30 cards)
SA14 THOR #153 (33 cards)
SA15 X-MEN #32 (30 cards)
SA16 X-MEN #44 (32 cards)
SA17 X-MEN #29 (35 cards)
SA18 X-MEN #67 (Archive Box Exclusive)

9 Golden Age Cut Comic Panels (1:288 packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
GA1 ALL-WINNERS #7 (38 cards)
GA2 ALL-WINNERS #8 (82 cards)
GA3 CAPTAIN AMERICA #34 (51 cards)
GA4 CAPTAIN AMERICA #35 (94 cards)
GA5 CAPTAIN AMERICA #44 (110 cards)
GA6 THE HUMAN TORCH #15 (96 cards)
GA7 THE HUMAN TORCH #36 (59 cards)
GA8 MEN'S ADVENTURE #27 (57 cards)
GA9 SUB-MARINER #39 (Archive Box Exclusive)

Sketch Card (1:24 packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
Sketch Card

5 Case Topper

Card Number Card Image Card Title
D1 Spider-Man Case TopperSpider-Man Case Topper Spider-Man
D2 Thor Case TopperThor Case Topper Thor
D3 Captain America Case TopperCaptain America Case Topper Captain America
D4 Hulk Case TopperHulk Case Topper Hulk
D5 IronMan Case TopperIronMan Case Topper IronMan

6-Case Incentive

Card Number Card Image Card Title
Classic Marvel Cover Recreation sketch by Warren Martineck

9-Case Incentive

Card Number Card Image Card Title
Sketch by Mick/Matt Glebe

2 Promo Cards

Card Number Card Image Card Title
P1 General Distribution Promo cardGeneral Distribution Promo card General Distribution
P2 Binder Exclusive
Checklist subject to change without notice.
Insertion rates represent an average across the entire production run.
There are no guarantees within any individual box or case.