The Women of Star Trek: Voyager HoloFex Checklist

Key: Scarce = 100 or less, Extremely Limited = 100-200, Very Limited = 200-300, Limited = 300-500 range, Normal = over 500
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70 Base Cards

Card Number Card Image Card Title
01 Captain Janeway
02 Captain Janeway
03 Captain Janeway
04 Captain Janeway
05 Captain Janeway
06 Captain Janeway
07 Captain Janeway
08 Captain Janeway
09 Captain Janeway
10 Seven of Nine
11 Seven of Nine
12 Seven of Nine
13 Seven of Nine
14 Seven of Nine
15 Seven of Nine
16 Seven of Nine
17 Seven of Nine
18 Seven of Nine
19 B'Elanna Torres
20 B'Elanna Torres
21 B'Elanna Torres
22 B'Elanna Torres
23 B'Elanna Torres
24 B'Elanna Torres
25 B'Elanna Torres
26 B'Elanna Torres
27 B'Elanna Torres
28 Kes
29 Kes
30 Kes
31 Kes
32 Kes
33 Kes
34 Borg Queen
35 Borg Queen
36 Borg Queen
37 Seska
38 Seska
39 Seska
40 Naomi Wildman (young)
41 Samantha Wildman
42 Freya
43 Amelia Earhart
44 Libby
45 Denara Pel
46 Commander Rand
47 Rain Robinson
48 Female Q
49 Marayna
50 Riley Frazier
51 Lyris
52 Nimira
53 Kellin
54 Valerie
55 Tessa Omund
56 Noss
57 Darren Tal
58 3 of 9
59 Dayla
60 Counselor Troi
61 Maggie
62 Tincoo
63 Mezoti
64 Lindsay Ballard
65 Tal Celes
66 Dala
67 Leosa
68 Kejal
69 Jaryn
70 Checklist

9 MorFex™ Cards (1:4 Packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
M1 Janeway as Borg
M2 Janeway as Shannon O'Donnell
M3 Janeway as Arachnia
M4 Seven of Nine as WWII nightclub singer
M5 Seven of Nine as Ferengi
M6 Seven of Nine as the Doctor
M7 Torres as human/Klingon halves
M8 Torres as Korenna
M9 Torres as plant worker

9 ReflectiFex™ Cards (1:10 Packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
R1 Reflections on Janeway, by Chakotay
R2 Reflections on Janeway, by the Doctor
R3 Reflections on Janeway, by Tuvok
R4 Reflections on 7 of 9, by Harry Kim
R5 Reflections on 7 of 9, by the Doctor
R6 Reflections on 7 of 9, by Icheb
R7 Reflections on Torres, by Tom Paris
R8 Reflections on Torres, by Neelix
R9 Reflections on Torres, by Chakotay

2 ArtiFex™ Original Art Cards, Set of 2 (Case Topper)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
AR1 Seven of Nine
AR2 B'Elanna Torres

4 SketchaFex™ Cards (1:120 Packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
Un-Numbered Emir Ribeiro
Un-Numbered Christiano
Un-Numbered John Czop
Un-Numbered Warren Martinek


Card Number Card Image Card Title
A01 Martha Hackett
A02 Nancy Hower (Binder Exclusive)
A03 Vanessa Branch (Case Topper Exclusive)
A04 Sharon Lawrence
A05 Virginia Madsen
A06 Marjorie Monaghan
A07 Tracey Ellis
A08 Jessica Collins
A09 Marley McLean
A10 Carolyn Seymour
A11 Gwynyth Walsh
A12 Peggy Jo Jacobs
A13 Kaitlin Hopkns
A14 Kamala Lopez-Dawson
A15 Lori Petty
SA1 Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine)
SA2 Katelin Peterson (Annika Hansen)
SA3 Erica Lynne Bryan (Annika Hansen)
SA4 Laura Stepp (Erin Hansen)
SA5 Nikki Tyler (Erin Hansen)
SA6 Kirk Baily (Magnus Hansen)
SA7 J. Paul Boehmer (One)

70 Printer's Proof Cards (1:2 Packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
Parallel01 Captain Janeway
Parallel02 Captain Janeway
Parallel03 Captain Janeway
Parallel04 Captain Janeway
Parallel05 Captain Janeway
Parallel06 Captain Janeway
Parallel07 Captain Janeway
Parallel08 Captain Janeway
Parallel09 Captain Janeway
Parallel10 Seven of Nine
Parallel11 Seven of Nine
Parallel12 Seven of Nine
Parallel13 Seven of Nine
Parallel14 Seven of Nine
Parallel15 Seven of Nine
Parallel16 Seven of Nine
Parallel17 Seven of Nine
Parallel18 Seven of Nine
Parallel19 B'Elanna Torres
Parallel20 B'Elanna Torres
Parallel21 B'Elanna Torres
Parallel22 B'Elanna Torres
Parallel23 B'Elanna Torres
Parallel24 B'Elanna Torres
Parallel25 B'Elanna Torres
Parallel26 B'Elanna Torres
Parallel27 B'Elanna Torres
Parallel28 Kes
Parallel29 Kes
Parallel30 Kes
Parallel31 Kes
Parallel32 Kes
Parallel33 Kes
Parallel34 Borg Queen
Parallel35 Borg Queen
Parallel36 Borg Queen
Parallel37 Seska
Parallel38 Seska
Parallel39 Seska
Parallel40 Naomi Wildman (young)
Parallel41 Samantha Wildman
Parallel42 Freya
Parallel43 Amelia Earhart
Parallel44 Libby
Parallel45 Denara Pel
Parallel46 Commander Rand
Parallel47 Rain Robinson
Parallel48 Female Q
Parallel49 Marayna
Parallel50 Riley Frazier
Parallel51 Lyris
Parallel52 Nimira
Parallel53 Kellin
Parallel54 Valerie
Parallel55 Tessa Omund
Parallel56 Noss
Parallel57 Darren Tal
Parallel58 3 of 9
Parallel59 Dayla
Parallel60 Counselor Troi
Parallel61 Maggie
Parallel62 Tincoo
Parallel63 Mezoti
Parallel64 Lindsay Ballard
Parallel65 Tal Celes
Parallel66 Dala
Parallel67 Leosa
Parallel68 Kejal
Parallel69 Jaryn
Parallel70 Checklist

6 SpaceFex™ Cards (1:20 Packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
SF1 Delta Flyer
SF2 U.S.S. Excelsior
SF3 Borg Sphere
SF4 Hologram Ship
SF5 Kazon Raider
SF6 Caretaker's Array

2 "From The Archives" Costume Cards (1:120 Packs)

Card Number Card Image Card Title
F1 Seven of Nine
F2 Captain Janeway

2 Promo Cards

Card Number Card Image Card Title
Un-Numbered Captain Janeway Promo cardCaptain Janeway Promo card Captain Janeway
Un-Numbered Seven of Nine Promo cardSeven of Nine Promo card Seven of Nine
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Insertion rates represent an average across the entire production run.
There are no guarantees within any individual box or case.