Falling Skies: Season Two Premium Pack Trading Cards Checklist

Key: Scarce = 100 or less, Extremely Limited = 100-200, Very Limited = 200-300, Limited = 300-500 range, Normal = over 500
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30 Base Cards

01 Worlds Apart
02 Worlds Apart
03 Worlds Apart
04 Shall We Gather at the River
05 Shall We Gather at the River
06 Shall We Gather at the River
07 Compass
08 Compass
09 Compass
10 Young Bloods
11 Young Bloods
12 Young Bloods
13 Love and Other Acts of Courage
14 Love and Other Acts of Courage
15 Love and Other Acts of Courage
16 Homecoming
17 Homecoming
18 Homecoming
19 Molon Labe
20 Molon Labe
21 Molon Labe
22 Death March
23 Death March
24 Death March
25 The Price of Greatness
26 The Price of Greatness
27 The Price of Greatness
28 A More Perfect Union
29 A More Perfect Union
30 A More Perfect Union

9 Quotable Falling Skies (1 in every other pack)

Q1 Tom Mason
Q2 Anne Glass
Q3 John Pope
Q4 Dan Weaver
Q5 Hal Mason
Q6 Maggie
Q7 Lourdes
Q8 Ben Mason
Q9 John Pope

10 International Pinup Art (1 in every other pack)

1 of 10 Argentina
10 of 10 England (Season 2 DVD insert exclusive)
2 of 10 Mexico
3 of 10 German
4 of 10 Spain
5 of 10 Netherlands
6 of 10 Singapore
7 of 10 Australia
8 of 10 Japan
9 of 10 Sweden

19 Autograph Cards (1 per pack)

Noah Wyle as Tom Mason Extremely Limited
Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass Extremely Limited
Drew Roy as Hal Mason Extremely Limited
Maxim Knight as Matt Mason Extremely Limited
Connor Jessup as Ben Mason Extremely Limited
Will Patton as Captain Weaver Extremely Limited
Colin Cunningham as John Pope Extremely Limited
Sarah Carter as Maggie Extremely Limited
Jessy Schram as Karen Nadler Extremely Limited
Seychelle Gabriel as Lourdes Extremely Limited
Terry O'Quinn as Arthur Manchester Extremely Limited
Billy Wickman as Boon Extremely Limited
Brad Kelly as Lyle Extremely Limited
Luciana Carro as Crazy Lee Extremely Limited
Mpho Koaho as Anthony Extremely Limited
Daniyah Ysrayl as Rick Extremely Limited
Peter Shinkoda as Dai Extremely Limited
Dylan Authors as Jimmy Boland Extremely Limited
Melissa Kramer as Sarah Extremely Limited

19 Relic Cards (2 per pack)

CC18 Tom Mason
CC19 Anne Glass
CC20 Anne Glass
CC21 John Pope
CC22 John Pope
CC23 Hal Mason
CC24 Ben Mason
CC25 Ben Mason
CC26 Maggie
CC27 Maggie
CC28 Lourdes
CC29 Captain Weaver
CC30 Captain Weaver
CC31 Karen
CC32 Dai
CC33 Porter
CC34 Jimmy Boland
CC35 Arthur Manchester
CC36 Arthur Manchester

Box Topper (1 per box)

BT1 "Get Off My Planet"

2-Box Incentive

Will Patton as Captain Weaver Autograph Relic Card

4-Box Incentive

Noah Wyle as Tom Mason Autograph Relic Card

3 Promo Cards

P1 General Distribution
P2 Binder Exclusive
P3 2013 San Diego Comic Con
Checklist subject to change without notice.
Insertion rates represent an average across the entire production run.
There are no guarantees within any individual box or case.