Farscape in Motion Checklist

Key: Scarce = 100 or less, Extremely Limited = 100-200, Very Limited = 200-300, Limited = 300-500 range, Normal = over 500
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60 Base Cards

01 John Crichton from "Throne for a Loss"
02 John Crichton from "Jeremiah Crichton"
03 John Crichton from "Crackers Don't Matter"
04 John Crichton from "Look at the Princess - Part 1"
05 John Crichton from "Look at the Princess - Part 2"
06 John Crichton from "My Three Crichtons"
07 John Crichton from "Won't Get Fooled Again"
08 John Crichton from "A Clockwork Nebari"
09 John Crichton from "A Clockwork Nebari"
10 Aeryn Sun from "Throne for a Loss"
11 Aeryn Sun from "Back and Back and Back to the Future"
12 Aeryn Sun from "The Hidden Memory"
13 Aeryn Sun from "The Way We Weren't"
14 Aeryn Sun from "Look at the Princess - Part 3"
15 Aeryn Sun from "Beware of Dog"
16 Aeryn Sun from "Won't Get Fooled Again"
17 Aeryn Sun from "Won't Get Fooled Again"
18 Aeryn Sun from "The Locket"
19 Ka D'Argo from "Premiere"
20 Ka D'Argo from "That Old Black Magic"
21 Ka D'Argo from "They've Got a Secret"
22 Ka D'Argo from "Til the Blood Runs Clear"
23 Ka D'Argo from "The Hidden Memory"
24 Ka D'Argo from "Vita Mortis"
25 Ka D'Argo from "Vita Mortis"
26 Ka D'Argo from "Picture, If You Will…."
27 Ka D'Argo from "Die Me Dichotomy"
28 P'au Zotoh Zhaan from "That Old Black Magic"
29 P'au Zotoh Zhaan from "DNA Mad Scientist"
30 P'au Zotoh Zhaan from "Bone to be Wild"
31 P'au Zotoh Zhaan from "Reunion"
32 P'au Zotoh Zhaan from "Mind the Baby"
33 P'au Zotoh Zhaan from "Taking the Stone"
34 P'au Zotoh Zhaan from "Home on the Remains"
35 P'au Zotoh Zhaan from "The Locket"
36 P'au Zotoh Zhaan from "A Not So Simple Plan"
37 Chiana from "Durka Returns"
38 Chiana from "Reunion"
39 Chiana from "Taking the Stone"
40 Chiana from "Look at the Princess - Part 1"
41 Chiana from "A Clockwork Nebari"
42 Chiana from "Die Me Dichotomy"
43 Capt. Bialar Crais from "Premiere"
44 Capt. Bialar Crais from "The Hidden Memory"
45 Capt. Bialar Crais from "Family Ties"
46 Capt. Bialar Crais from "Mind the Baby"
47 Capt. Bialar Crais from "The Way We Weren't"
48 Capt. Bialar Crais from "The Ugly Truth"
49 Scorpius from "The Hidden Memory"
50 Scorpius from "Family Ties"
51 Scorpius from "Family Ties"
52 Scorpius from "Mind the Baby"
53 Scorpius from "Look at the Princess - Part 1"
54 Scorpius from "Won't Get Fooled Again"
55 Rygel XIV from "Thank God It's Friday"
56 Rygel XIV from "The Flax"
57 Rygel XIV from "Jeremiah Crichton"
58 Pilot from "Thank God It's Friday"
59 Pilot from "The Way We Weren't"
60 Pilot from "Won't Get Fooled Again"

6 Sound inMotion (1 per Box)

S1 John Crichton/Aeryn Sun
S2 John Crichton
S3 Chiana/John Crichton
S4 Rygel
S5 John Crichton/D'Argo
S6 John Crichton

12 Archive Collection

AC01 John Crichton
AC02 Aeryn Sun
AC03 Ka D'Argo
AC04 P'au Zotoh Zhaan
AC05 Chiana
AC06 Rygel XIV
AC07 Pilot
AC08 Moya
AC09 Captain Bialar Crais
AC10 Scorpius
AC11 Stark
AC12 Talyn

3 Archive Collection Gold

WC1 Aeryn Sun
WC2 P'au Zotoh Zhaan
WC3 Chiana

18 The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (1:2 Packs)

U01 Bekhesh
U02 Durka
U03 Gilina
U04 Lorana
U05 Maldis
U06 Matala
U07 M"Lee
U08 Natira
U09 Peacekeeper Barbie
U10 Rorf
U11 Scarron
U12 Sheyang
U13 Staanz
U14 Stark
U15 Tahleen
U16 Traltixx
U17 Varla
U18 Volmae

9 Ships of Farscape (1:3 Packs)

S1 Moya
S2 Moya
S3 Moya
S4 Rygel
S5 Talyn
S6 Talyn
S7 Crais Command Carrier
S8 Transport in Flax
S9 Prowler

9 Close Encounters (1:6 Packs)

C1 Crichton & Gilina
C2 Crichton & Alex
C3 Crichton & Lishala
C4 Crichton & Aeryn
C5 Crichton & Chiana
C6 Chiana & DArgo
C7 Zhaan & Chiana
C8 Natira & Scorpius
C9 Crichton & Aeryn

9 Portraits In Motion (1:8 Packs)

P1 John Crichton
P2 Aeryn Sun
P3 Ka D'Argo
P4 P'au Zotoh Zhaan
P5 Chiana
P6 Rygel
P7 Pilot
P8 Crais
P9 Scorpius

4 "From The Archives" Costume Card

C10 P'au Zotoh Zhann
C12 John Crichton
C8 John Crichton
C9 Aeryn Sun

Case Toppers

A6 Claudia Black Autograph Card

Promo Cards

P1 Promo Card P1
Checklist subject to change without notice.
Insertion rates represent an average across the entire production run.
There are no guarantees within any individual box or case.