Art & Images of Xena: Warrior Princess Checklist

Key: Scarce = 100 or less, Extremely Limited = 100-200, Very Limited = 200-300, Limited = 300-500 range, Normal = over 500
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63 Base Cards

01 Xena
02 Xena
03 Xena
04 Xena
05 Xena
06 Xena
07 Xena
08 Xena
09 Xena
10 Gabrielle
11 Gabrielle
12 Gabrielle
13 Gabrielle
14 Gabrielle
15 Gabrielle
16 Gabrielle
17 Gabrielle
18 Gabrielle
19 Forever Friends
20 Forever Friends
21 Forever Friends
22 Forever Friends
23 Forever Friends
24 Forever Friends
25 Forever Friends
26 Forever Friends
27 Forever Friends
28 Eve
29 Valaria
30 Ephiny
31 Amarice
32 Athena
33 Callisto
34 Waltraute
35 Najara
36 Hera
37 Joxer
38 Hercules
39 Borias
40 Ares
41 Ceasar
42 Autolycus
43 Virgil
44 Ioalus
45 Draco
46 Battle On Xena
47 Battle On Xena
48 Battle On Xena
49 Battle On Xena
50 Battle On Xena
51 Battle On Xena
52 Battle On Xena
53 Battle On Xena
54 Battle On Xena
55 Battle On Xena
56 Battle On Xena
57 Battle On Xena
58 Battle On Xena
59 Battle On Xena
60 Battle On Xena
61 Battle On Xena
62 Battle On Xena
63 Battle On Xena

18 Portraits of a Warrior by artist Patricia Parker (1:4 packs)

PP01 Adventures in the Sin TradeAdventures in the Sin Trade Adventures in the Sin Trade
PP02 The Debt
PP03 The DebtThe Debt The Debt
PP04 Destiny
PP05 A Friend in Need
PP06 A Friend In Need
PP07 Legacy
PP08 Ares
PP09 Doctor Janice Convington
PP10 Gabrielle
PP11 When Fates Collide
PP12 When Fates Collide
PP13 Together
PP14 Many Happy Returns
PP15 Cleopatra
PP16 The Tempter
PP17 Sacrifice
PP18 One Against An ArmyOne Against An Army One Against An Army

9 ArtiFEX Cards by artist Rebekah Lynn (North America Release Only) (1:10 packs)

NA1 By Artist Rebekah Lynn
NA2 By Artist Rebekah Lynn
NA3 By Artist Rebekah Lynn
NA4 By Artist Rebekah Lynn
NA5 By Artist Rebekah Lynn
NA6 By Artist Rebekah Lynn
NA7 By Artist Rebekah LynnBy Artist Rebekah Lynn By Artist Rebekah Lynn
NA8 By Artist Rebekah Lynn
NA9 By Artist Rebekah Lynn

9 ArtiFEX Cards by artist Douglas Shuler (International Release Only) (1:10 packs)

IA1 By Artist Douglas Shuler
IA2 By Artist Douglas Shuler
IA3 By Artist Douglas Shuler
IA4 By Artist Douglas Shuler
IA5 By Artist Douglas Shuler
IA6 By Artist Douglas Shuler
IA7 By Artist Douglas Shuler
IA8 By Artist Douglas Shuler
IA9 By Artist Douglas Shuler

9 ArtiFEX Cards Featuring Artwork by Renee O'Connor (1:20 packs)

R1 Gabrielle
R2 Alti
R3 Aphrodite
R4 Ares
R5 Autolycus
R6 Callisto
R7 Eli
R8 Joxer
R9 Xena

9 Women of Xena (1:20 packs)

WX1 XenaXena Xena
WX2 GabrielleGabrielle Gabrielle
WX3 Najara
WX4 Cyane
WX5 Athena
WX6 Livia
WX7 Callisto
WX8 Amarice
WX9 Ephiny

11 Hand Drawn SketchaFEX Cards (1:20 packs)

Warren Martineck
John Czop
Cris Bolson
Sean Pence
Emir Ribeiro
Patrick Hamill
Eduardo Pansica
Joe Corroney
Scott Rosema
Steven Miller
Patricia Parker

6 Xena Gallery Cards (1:30 packs)

GX1 Lucy Lawless as Xena
GX2 Lucy Lawless as XenaLucy Lawless as Xena Lucy Lawless as Xena
GX3 Lucy Lawless as Xena
GX4 Lucy Lawless as Xena
GX5 Lucy Lawless as Xena
GX6 Lucy Lawless as Xena

5 Women and Warriors (Sequential Numbered to 500) (1:90 packs)

WW1 Xena and AresXena and Ares Xena and Ares
WW2 Xena and Hercules
WW3 Xena and Borias
WW4 Gabrielle and Iolaus
WW5 Gabrielle and Joxer

Exclusive Case Topper Autograph Card (International Release Only)

XA1 Lucy Lawless as Xena

Exclusive Case Topper Autograph Card (North American Release Only)

XA2 Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle

Multi-Case Purchase Incentive Card

DA7 Ted Raimi/Renee O'Connor Dual Autograph

4 Promo Cards

Convention2004 Various Conventions in 2004
P1 General DistributionGeneral Distribution General Distribution
P2 Non-Sport UpdateNon-Sport Update Non-Sport Update
P3 Exclusive to Collector's AlbumExclusive to Collector's Album Exclusive to Collector's Album
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There are no guarantees within any individual box or case.