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Lara Croft is far from finished with her epic archaeological explorations on the big screen. The globetrotting hero of countless video game adventures made a rebooted movie leap with 2018's Tomb Raider with Alicia Vikander in the title role - and now she's reportedly swinging back for more, this time with a new director at the helm.

Tomb Raider sequel lands Lovecraft Country director; Alicia Vikander returning as Lara Croft

A new Kickstarter campaign for writer/illustrator Sal Abbinanti's startling graphic novel, The Hostage, has just launched and it's steeped in the intriguing culture and vibrant colors of Brazil - and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive preview to share alongside comments on the artistic process from its visionary creator. 

The Hostage: How artist Sal Abbinanti melds Brazilian culture with mysticism in new Kickstarter project

Hey, do you remember Alien Nation, the 1988 sci-fi buddy cop movie where James Caan got partnered with a humanoid alien police officer who could get drunk from spoiled milk played by Inigo Montoya himself, Mandy Patinkin? Seriously, it wasn't a fever dream; it was just the '80s. And do you remember that the director of Mud and Midnight Special was set to reboot it for Fox before the studio got bought by Disney, essentially killing the project? Well, it looks as though it still could be coming back. Well, the core premise, at least - maybe not necessarily the story ... or Inigo Montoya as the alien cop. 

That 'Alien Nation' remake from Midnight Special director may be back on track as a TV series

Getting the full-scale weekend experience at the legendary Sundance Film Festival has always been an exclusive deal - and thanks to limitations posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, spots at this year's fest are at a higher premium than ever. But with the festival's bold new push into the VR space, anyone can now get the full-scale cinephile treatment... with nothing more than a $25 access pass and a virtual reality headset.

Can't go to Sundance? Strap on a VR headset as the film festival heads to virtual reality

Prehistoric oceans churning with ravenous marine lizards like mosasaurs were not for the faint of heart, with a variety of swimming predators eager to satisfy their hunger by indulging in the floating banquet around them.

Terrifying new species of Mosasaur sported a wicked set of razor-like teeth

Besides the obvious carnage of the pandemic, there's little doubt that the pandemic has taken a toll on people's mental health as well. Humans are social creatures by nature, even the most misanthropic of us, and isolation has been hard to take for many. So in that regard, it's hard to argue against utilizing robotics' ever-evolving practicality and realism for a little socializing during isolated times. 

Need a friend? Help's on the way, with eerily lifelike 'social robots' heading to market this year

Charlie Brown's beloved dog Snoopy is getting his own show on Apple TV+ and the first trailer for the series has arrived. Titled The Snoopy Show, the animated series will premiere globally on Feb. 5 through the Apple streaming service and is aimed primarily at kids aged 4-11 - although who doesn't love watching Snoopy?

Peanuts spin-off 'The Snoopy Show' heads to Apple TV+ with first trailer ahead of February premiere

It took Danielle Smith a little time to fully grasp the byzantine and sometimes exclusionary marketplace of comic book dealers.

Meet the female comics dealer who's breaking the bank and knows you don't have to read a comic to find it special

The news has officially arrived via owl: HBO Max is reportedly developing a brand-new TV series based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels.

Merlin's beard! Harry Potter TV series reportedly in development at HBO Max

WandaVision, the new Marvel series on Disney+, goes to great lengths to authentically emulate classic sitcoms. The aesthetics, comedy, and even the smallest details of whatever retro TV world Wanda and Vision are trapped inside of are familiar to anybody who ever watched Nick at Nite. But, Debra Jo Rupp, a sitcom veteran who most famously starred on 200 episodes of That '70s Show, knew right away that the Marvel series wasn't like any sitcom she'd been on before. 

WandaVision's Debra Jo Rupp knew it wasn't a normal sitcom because of Marvel's 'weapons room'

Even if you find yourself as a main cast member of The Mandalorian, don't expect to be made privvy to all the Star Wars secrets. During an hour-long interview with The Sith Council podcast, Katee Sackhoff, who plays Bo-Katzan Kryze, alleged that the cast had no clue about Luke Skywalker's cameo in the Season 2 finale - even when they were filming it opposite the actor who was bringing young Luke to life.

The Mandalorian stars in the room apparently didn't even know about Luke's surprise Season 2 cameo

Astronomers have found a remarkable solar system, a system of planets orbiting a nearby star. For one thing, there are at least six planets found there. For another, the outer five planets are orbiting the star in synch, moving like dancers to the tune of gravity!

A six-planet system dances in time to the tune of gravity