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For anyone who is a hardcore J.R.R. Tolkien fan and has read The Silmarillion way too many times, you probably remember the opening chapter when gods otherwise known as the Ainur sing the world into being. Tolkien must have been onto something. The universe does make a sort of music.

Space makes music, and this is what it actually sounds like

Whether or not this colossal 60-foot-tall Japanese robot was making a political statement or simply stretching its legs isn't exactly clear, but witnessing the Gundam Factory Yokohama's ultra cool creation taking a knee to test out its articulation is surely a sight to behold.

New video shows Japan's noble 60-foot-tall Gundam robot taking a knee

To answer the iconic question David Bowie first posed wearing a Neptune-blue suit and matching eyeshadow in 1971, we still don't know whether there is anything that is or was ever alive on Mars. Soon, we might.

Is there life on Mars…at least in fossil form?

As different TV shows and movies slowly go back into production, a new name has joined the list of Hollywood projects underway, with director M. Night Shymalan (Glass) announcing that he's begun production on his latest film, titled Old.

WIRE Buzz: M. Night Shyamalan goes Old; Hemsworth in Spiderhead; more
The Zords are faster and more fury-ious in the trailer for Power Rangers: Dino Fury

Jason Reitman ain't afraid of no Hasbro PulseCon. Appearing at the virtual toy event, Saturday, the filmmaker teased out his next feature - Ghostbusters: Afterlife. In particular, he made a special appearance from a warehouse to show off the project's screen-used version of Ecto-1, promising that the iconic vehicle (a retrofitted ambulance from the late 1950s) still has a few surprises left in her.

Hasbro PulseCon: Jason Reitman teases 'a lot of surprises' for Ecto-1 in Ghostbusters: Afterlife

On Oct. 4, The Walking Dead universe returns to take over AMC television. After months of waiting, fans will get to see both the Season 10 finale of The Walking Dead and the series premiere of the limited series The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Fear the Walking Dead fights for the future in latest teasers

Much like its cloned dinosaurs, the Jurassic franchise continues to defy extinction.

Camp Cretaceous crew on bringing diversity to Jurassic World and 'Baby Yoda-like love' for Bumpy

Mars has certainly been on everyone's mind lately, with the prospect of a Red Planet mission in the near future, but our other solar system buddy, Venus, has suddenly been thrust into the public's mind after phosphine organic compounds were discovered in the barren world's cloudtops.

Parker Solar Probe, Akatsuki, and Earthly astronomers deliver rare top-to-surface view of Venus

The new season of The CW's Batwoman has begun filming in Vancouver, Canada, and to celebrate the occasion, DC has revealed a first look at its new star, Javicia Leslie, in costume.

First look at new Batwoman Javicia Leslie in the old Batwoman's outfit

Do you believe in fairies? Well, obviously, you do. Otherwise you wouldn't be perusing a site about superheroes and space wizards. So clap your hands for some casting news about the latest live-action Peter Pan film.

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Reading Transcription during the pandemic has felt like a lifeline for me. While being physically isolated from my queer and trans friends and family has been challenging, it's also been a time for me and many other transgender people I know to explore what our genders feel like, what they look like, how we move in them - when we're not performing for a predominantly cisgender audience at work and in life, a gift rarely afforded most trans folks. And as I've been exploring my gender and transness, Veronique Emma Houxbois's diary comic about her transition and her sexuality has made me feel less alone.

Veronique Emma Houxbois is changing the representation of trans sexuality in comics