Xena: Warrior Princess 9 Card Preview Set

Xena Xena is back! Back on trading cards, that is! Rittenhouse Archives is please to announce that it has created a limited edition of 2,500 Xena 9-card Preview sets to kick off its all-new line of Xena trading cards. Xena, Gabrielle and others appear in this fabulous foil-stamped set. Available January 2001!

Card P1 - Xena in 'Animal Attraction' Card P2 - Grabrielle in 'Adventures in the Sin Trade, Part 2' Card P3 - Xena in 'A Good Day'
Card P4 - Eli in 'Chakram' Card P5 - Xena in 'Chakram' Card P6 - Gabrielle in 'Fallen Angel'
Card P7 - Xena and Gabrielle in 'Eternal Bond' Card P8 - Gabrielle in 'Married With Fishsticks' Card P9 - Xena in 'The Ides of March'