Star Trek: The Original Series 40th Anniversary Series 2

Following up on 2007's SOLD-OUT "Star Trek: The Original Series 40th Anniversary trading cards", comes Star Trek: The Original Series 40th Anniversary Series 2 featuring all of the same unique designs and card-stock from last year's set, but focusing on the ground-breaking second season of the original series of Star Trek.
Each box of this set will feature 3 Autograph Cards in the fan favorite classic design. Signers for this commemorative set include:

• William Shatner as Romulan Imposter in The Enterprise Incident
• Grace Lee Whitney as Yeoman Janice Rand in Charlie X
• Venita Wolf as Yeoman Ross in The Squire of Gothos
• Lou Antonio as Lokai in Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
• Andrea Dromm as Yeoman Smith in Where No Man Has Gone Before
• Biff Elliot as Schmitter in The Devil in the Dark
• Craig Huxley as Peter Kirk in Operation: Annihilate!
• Craig Huxley as Tommy Starnes in And the Children Shall Lead
• Richard Evans as Isak in Patterns of Force
• Irene Kelly as Sirah in The Omega Glory
• James X. Mitchell as Lt. Josephs in Journey to Babel
• Joanna Linville as Romulan Commander in The Enterprise Incident
• Phil Morris as Onlie Boy in Miri
• Iona Morris as Onlie Girl in Miri
• Felix Silla as Talosian in The Cage
• Billy Blackburn as Lt. Hadley in Return to Tomorrow
• Billy Blackburn as White Rabbit in Shore Leave
• Julie Cobb as Yeoman Leslie Thompson in By Any Other Name
• Bob Herron as Kahless The Unforgettable in The Savage Curtain
• Deborah Downey as Mavig in The Way to Eden
• Louise Sorel as Rayna Kapec in Requiem for Methuselah
• Barbara Baldavin as Ensign Martine in Balance of Terror/Turnabout Intruder
• Bruce Mars as Charley in Assignment: Earth
• Bob Herron as Sam in Charlie X
• Sean Morgan as Lt. O'Neill in Return of the Archons
• Sean Kenney as Lt. DePaul in A Taste of Armeggedon
• Majel Barrett as Nurse Chapel in Turnabout Intruder
• Arnold Lessing as Lt. Carlyle in The Changeling
• Win De Lugo as Lt. Timothy in Court Martial
• Vince Deadrick, Sr. as Lt. Matthews in What Are Little Girls Made of?
• Michael Dante as Maab in Friday's Child
• BarBara Luna as Lt. Marlena Moreau in Mirror, Mirror
• Jan Shutan as Lt. Mira Romaine in The Lights of Zetar
• Stewart Moss as Hanar in By Any Other Name
• Celeste Yarnall as Yeoman Landon in The Apple
• Yvonne Craig as Marta in Whom Gods Destroy
• Fred Williamson as Anka in The Cloud Minders
• Dave Somerville as Lt. Larry Matson in The Conscience of the King
• Pamelyn Ferdin as Mary Janowski in And the Children Shall Lead
• Michael Pataki as Korax in The Trouble with Tribbles
• Sid Haig as First Lawgiver in The Return of the Archons
• Melvin Caesar as Belli Steve in And The Children Shall Lead
• Steve Marlo as Zabo in A Piece of the Action
• Erik Holland as Ekor in Wink of an Eye
• Lloyd Kino as Wu in The Omega Glory
• Derek Partridge as Dionyd in Plato's Stepchildren
• Jerry Ayres as Ensign O'Herlihy in Arena
• Louie Elias as Engineering Technician in And the Children Shall Lead
• James Daris as Morg in Spock's Brain
• Marj Dusay as Kara in Spock's Brain
• Bonnie Beecher as Sylvia in Spectre of the Gun

Rounding out the chase cards are several exciting sets including :

For every three cases purchased of Star Trek: The Original Series 40th Anniversary Series 2 Trading Cards you will receive an Exclusive Autographed Costume Card signed by Geroge Takei as Lt. Sulu. For every six cases purchased you will receive an Exclusive James Doohan Archive Cut Signature Card!

Fans and collectors will also be able to store their collection in a custom designed collector's album which contains an exclusive autograph card of Ralph Maurer as Bilar in "The Return of the Archons" and an exclusive promo card.