Rittenhouse Archives is pleased to announce our Premium Pack edition of Classic Star Trek Movies: Heroes and Villains Trading Cards! In this Premium Pack Series, there will be 2 autograph cards per pack!
Sample Autograph Images
  • 20 Autograph Cards
    (2 cards per Premium Pack)
    • William Shatner
      (Captain James T. Kirk)
    • Leonard Nimoy (Spock)
    • Brent Spiner (B4)
    • Christian Slater (U.S.S. Excelsior Communications Officer)
    • Donna Murphy (Anij)
    • Anthony Zerbe (Admiral Dougherty)
    • Patti Yasutake (Nurse Alyssa Ogawa)
    • John Hostetter (Bolian Officer)
    • Allan Miller (Alien)
    • Robert Hooks (Admiral Morrow)
    • Scott De Venney (Bob Briggs)
    • Michael Owen (Lt. Branson)
    • Joseph Ruskin (Son'a Officer)
    • Hilary Hayes (Ruby)
    • David Orange (Sleepy Klingon)
    • Vijay Amritaj (Captain Randolph)
    • Conroy Gedeon (Civilian Agent)
    • John Putch (Journalist)
    • D. Elliot Woods (Starfleet Officer)
    • Jonathan Simpson (Young Sarek)
  • 54 Heroes and Villains Cards with all-new super hi-res photos and each card sequentially numbered to 550 (5 cards per Premium Pack)
  • 12 Tribute Cards with each card sequentially numbered to 475
    (1 card per Premium Pack)
Die-Cut Gold Plagues
14 Star Trek Die-Cut Gold Plaques with each card sequentially numbered to 425 (1 card per Premium Pack)
patch cards
2 Bridge Crew Patch Cards/Box Toppers
with each card sequentially numbered
to 250 (1 card per Box)
1 Multi-Box Incentive Autograph Card
(1 card for every 4 Boxes purchased)
Nichelle Nichols (Commander Uhura)
Product Configuration:
9 Cards Per Premium Pack
15 Premium Packs Per Box
1 Box Topper Per Box

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