In 2151, nine decades following Zefram Cochrane's visionary warp flight in space and the First Contact that followed, the human race has developed the Warp Five engine. Mankind is at last able to explore the depths of space with a revolutionary new starship, the Enterprise NX-01, under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer. As Dr. Cochrane said in 2119;
	"On this site, a powerful engine will be built; an 
	engine that will someday help us to travel a hundred 
	times faster than we can today.	Imagine it, thousands 
	of inhabited planets at our fingertips, and we’ll be 
	able to explore those strange new worlds and seek out
	new life and new civilizations. This engine will let 
	us go boldly where no man has gone before."
Today Rittenhouse Archives will boldly go where no card company has gone before by bringing collectors the first full set of Enterprise trading cards. This 81 card set will cover all 26 first season episodes. Each episode will summarized over three cards with more than a dozen images and complete plot synopsis.

Collectors can also look for TWO AUTOGRAPHS per box from three different autograph subsets. Subsets include "Broken Bow", "Aliens of Enterprise" and "Enterprise Crew". The list of autographers so far includes:

Enterprise Crew:

Broken Bow: Aliens of Enterprise: Additional chase cards include "First Contact" highlighting all of the new alien races that Captain Archer and his crew encounter; "22nd Century Technology" and "Suliban Genetic Engineering" which details some of the enhancements that the Suliban have received from the future.