Stargate Heroes Trading Cards
For the first-time ever, the various realms of Stargate - Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and the all-new Stargate Universe - come together in one awesome collection! The base set will focus on the heroic men and women of the past Stargate TV programs, including Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Cameron Mitchell, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagan, Ronon Dex and others!

Each 24 pack box will contain 3 Autograph Cards and 2 Costume Cards. Signers included so far are:

This collection will feature single and dual costume cards, as well as 2 autographed costumed cards (Amanda Tapping and Beau Bridges)! Relic cards will include screen-worn materials by an amazing selection of cast and key guest stars including:

The excitement continues in the chase sets:

• Stargate Atlantis Season 5 (1:4 packs)
20-card set covering the final season of Stargate Atlantis.
• Stargate Continuum (1:8 packs)
18-card set covering the second Direct-to-DVD Stargate SG-1 Movie "Continuum"!
• Stargate in Motion (1:12 packs)
9-card All-New Lenticular set.
• Stargate Universe (1:24 packs)
9-card set previewing the newest Stargate show, Stargate Universe
Each case comes with one of two individually numbered "artifex" cards featuring the artwork of Steve Anderson.
For every 3-case purchased, you will receive an autograph card signed by Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson.
For every 6-case purchased, you will receive an exclusive prop card containing a piece of an actual Stargate used in Stargate SG-1!
For every 12 cases purchased, you will receive a Stargate Heroes Archive Box!

A new official Stargate Heroes Collector's Album will also be available, and each album will come with an exclusive P3 promo card.