The Chronicles of Riddick Trading Cards


Vin Diesel reprises his star-making "Pitch Black" role of enigmatic anti-hero Richard B. Riddick in this new science fiction action-adventure epic. Riddick has spent the last five years eluding mercenaries out to collect the price on his head. Now, the fugitive finds himself on a planet that has been invaded by a martial race intent on extinguishing life in the universe. The apocalyptic battle that ensues leaves the fate of all beings hanging in the balance.

Rittenhouse Archives will send collectors into the dark and dangerous universe of Riddick this spring with its all-new The Chronicles of Riddick trading card series! Along with a base set covering the entire movie with more than 100 images. collectors will also find a bonus 18-card chase set covering "Pitch Black", the movie that started it all, 10 "Casting Call" Cards, featuring the stars of the new movie.

Each box of this limited edition run of 3,000 boxes, will contain 2 Autograph cards!

Autographs for this series include:
  • Vin Diesel (Richard B. Riddick)
  • Judi Dench (Aeron)
  • Colm Feore (Lord Marshal)
  • Thandie Newton (Damme Vaako)
  • Karl Urban (Vaako)
  • Alexa Davalos (Kyra)
  • Keith David (Abu 'Imam' al-Walid from "Pitch Black")
  • Radha Mitchell (from "Pitch Black")
  • Claudia Black (from "Pitch Black")

A new official The Chronicles of Riddick Collector's Album will also be available, and each album will come complete with 12 plastic sheets and exclusive promo card and an exclusive autograph card from Radha Mitchell (from "Pitch Black").