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Tone Rodriguez

Currently working out of his home in Los Angeles, California Tone can't recall a time when a pencil wasn't firmly planeted in his grubby little hands. starting as a designer fresh out of high school, he has produced artwork for several diffrent companys before finalling getting his first opprotunity in comics back in 1999. VIOLENT MESSIAHS was a beakout hit for Image comics, that was followed by its sequal book 2002's V.M LAMENTING PAIN.

Aafter producing character designs for POWER RANGERS-TIME FORCE, soon followed by dream gig working with John Carpenter, Kurt Russell, and the late Debra Hill on JOHN CARPENTER'S SNAKE PLISSKEN CHRONICLES for Cross-Gen/HURRICANE ENT...again a long time dream come true, being able to work on the charaters from 1981's "ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK" motion picture.

After "SNAKE", great opprotunities continued on in projects like a story written by KISS founder GENE SIMMONS for an issue of the SIMPSONS TREE HOUSE OF HORROR. soon followed with a Graphic Novel from TOPCOW/Space Dog called the COVENANT, the book hit the stands last year, with a motion picture opening in September from SONY/SCREEN GEMS.

During all of this Tone has been hard at work on his creator owned book the U.T.F.(UNDEAD TASK FORCE) througt APE ENT. In addition to all of this current work Tone has been working on a couple of short stories one of them is for A.C.T.O.R. (A Commitment To Our Roots) a fund raiser book due out later this year, and the other is for a book called "MONKEY in a WAGON VS a LEMUR on a BIG WHEEL"...and its a funny one. All of this will be followed later this year by a CONAN MINI-SERIES from DARK HORSE.

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