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Guy Dorian

Guy had his first comic work published at Marvel Comics in “The New Warriors”. He then continued to work for Marvel for several years on such projects as M.C.P., DD, “Night Thrasher” and more. Some of his other comic work includes work on Ultra Force, Hari Kari, Bad Girls, Hakkiro Soul Quest plus many others.

Guy felt one dimensional doing only comics so has built up his portfolio in many different fields of art, such as toy designs, trading cards, coloring books, magazine covers, stickers, billboards, newspaper comic strip ads and much, much more. Some of these works include, WWF toy designs, Hercules and Xena watch designs, character development for the“Silver Surfer” cartoon series, WWF trading cards, “STAR WARS” Comics to Color” and the list goes on.

Currently Guy is working as the lead designer for a new miniatures game to be released summer 2007, promotional illustrations for new films, cover illustrations for several companies, developing a Manga book and properties with Manga writer Tony Salvaggio, Developing a new book with actor/writer Corin Nemec of the popular series Stargate SG1, Doing all artwork for the newest hit “Hip-Hop” artist JoJo Pellegrino, And of course, illustrating original art sketch cards for Rittenhouse! Kudos to my color assistant Olivia Pelaez!

Guy has also been a very successful teacher in the craft of story-boarding and comic book art. He has been teaching his craft for the past twelve years, having many students continue on to become professionals in the field of art.

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