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Cat Staggs

Graduating in 1994 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Texas, San Antonio, Cat’s specialty was in portraits. She put these skills to the test in late 2004 illustrating over 130 cards for the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith project.

Cat in 2005/2006 returned with another sketch card project, this too for a large franchise: The Lord of the Rings. This time, she completed over 500 mini masterpieces. Cat has also worked on a sketch card project for The Wizard of OZ. Next came X-Men: The Last Stand for Rittenhouse.

The highly-collectible artist sketch cards brought Staggs into the Star Wars fan forefront and she quickly took on other projects including a Celebration III Convention exclusive print, drawing tutorials, and Halloween masks for the kid’s section of In between card projects, Cat has also worked on cover work, including two covers for Mortal World entertainment as well as a collector's edition program cover for the Dallas Comic Con featuring Karen Allen. With more cover projects and sketch card projects in the works, including the Complete Marvel Avengers, The Lord Of the Rings: Masterpieces and Universal Monsters: Frankenstein.

To check out her projects, as well as more artwork please visit her site

Cat's original Avengers artwork can be found on our oversized 5x7 sketch boards and are the 6-case multi-case incentive for our The Complete Avengers trading card set.

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