James Bond: Heroes and Villains Trading Cards Look for DANIEL CRAIG AUTOGRAPH CARDS randomly inserted.

Base set of 81 trading cards featuring heroes and villains from all 22 classic James Bond films, from Dr. No to Quantum of Solace!

3 Autograph Cards Per Box
Plus Randomly Inserted Prop Relic Cards!

Bonus sets include

Quantum of Solace cards for the following expansion sets: The Complete James Bond, The Quotable James Bond, Bond Technology, Bond Villains, and more!

Partial list of Autograph Cards include the following signers:

List of sequentially numbered Prop Relic Cards features the following items/materials insert one in every 120 packs:

Each case will come with an exclusive JBR8 - Speed Boat Interior Leather from Moonraker (numbered to 777) relic card.

1st Tier Multi-Case Incentive Card: (1 for every 3 cases ordered):
Prop relic card with pieces of the Italian Carabinieri (police car) windshield relic card (Quantum of Solace).
2nd Tier Multi-Case Incentive Card: (1 for every 6 cases ordered):
Double Autograph Card signed by Roger Moore and George Lazenby
3rd Tier Multi-Case Incentive Card: (1 for every 15 cases ordered):
2010 James Bond Heroes and Villains Archive Box - Each Archive Box includes all of the pack inserted chase, relic and autograph cards. It also has both the 3-case and 6-case incentive cards. The box DOES NOT contain the case topper or a base set of cards.
Set Configuration:
72 Base Cards
5 Cards Per Pack
24 Packs Per Box
12 Boxes Per Case
SRP: $3.50 per pack