James Bond Autographs & Relics Trading Cards Checklist

Key: Scarce = 100 or less, Extremely Limited = 100-200, Very Limited = 200-300, Limited = 300-500 range, Normal = over 500
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110 Base Cards

001 Skyfall
002 Skyfall
003 Skyfall
004 Skyfall
005 Skyfall
006 Skyfall
007 Skyfall
008 Skyfall
009 Skyfall
010 Skyfall
011 Skyfall
012 Skyfall
013 Skyfall
014 Skyfall
015 Skyfall
016 Skyfall
017 Skyfall
018 Skyfall
019 Skyfall
020 Skyfall
021 Skyfall
022 Skyfall
023 Skyfall
024 Skyfall
025 Skyfall
026 Skyfall
027 Skyfall
028 Skyfall
029 Skyfall
030 Skyfall
031 Skyfall
032 Skyfall
033 Skyfall
034 Skyfall
035 Skyfall
036 Skyfall
037 Skyfall
038 Skyfall
039 Skyfall
040 Skyfall
041 Skyfall
042 Skyfall
043 Skyfall
044 Skyfall
045 Skyfall
046 Skyfall
047 Skyfall
048 Skyfall
049 Skyfall
050 Skyfall
051 Skyfall
052 Skyfall
053 Skyfall
054 Skyfall
055 Skyfall
056 Skyfall
057 Skyfall
058 Skyfall
059 Skyfall
060 Skyfall
061 Skyfall
062 Skyfall
063 Skyfall
064 Skyfall
065 Skyfall
066 Skyfall
067 Skyfall
068 Skyfall
069 Skyfall
070 Skyfall
071 Skyfall
072 Skyfall
073 Skyfall
074 Skyfall
075 Skyfall
076 Skyfall
077 Skyfall
078 Skyfall
079 Skyfall
080 Skyfall
081 Skyfall
082 Skyfall
083 Skyfall
084 Skyfall
085 Skyfall
086 Skyfall
087 Skyfall
088 Skyfall
089 Skyfall
090 Skyfall
091 Skyfall
092 Skyfall
093 Skyfall
094 Skyfall
095 Skyfall
096 Skyfall
097 Skyfall
098 Skyfall
099 Skyfall
100 Skyfall
101 Skyfall
102 Skyfall
103 Skyfall
104 Skyfall
105 Skyfall
106 Skyfall
107 Skyfall
108 Skyfall
109 Skyfall
110 Skyfall

110 Goldfinger Throwback Set (1:1 packs)

001 Goldfinger
002 Goldfinger
003 Goldfinger
004 Goldfinger
005 Goldfinger
006 Goldfinger
007 Goldfinger
008 Goldfinger
009 Goldfinger
010 Goldfinger
011 Goldfinger
012 Goldfinger
013 Goldfinger
014 Goldfinger
015 Goldfinger
016 Goldfinger
017 Goldfinger
018 Goldfinger
019 Goldfinger
020 Goldfinger
021 Goldfinger
022 Goldfinger
023 Goldfinger
024 Goldfinger
025 Goldfinger
026 Goldfinger
027 Goldfinger
028 Goldfinger
029 Goldfinger
030 Goldfinger
031 Goldfinger
032 Goldfinger
033 Goldfinger
034 Goldfinger
035 Goldfinger
036 Goldfinger
037 Goldfinger
038 Goldfinger
039 Goldfinger
040 Goldfinger
041 Goldfinger
042 Goldfinger
043 Goldfinger
044 Goldfinger
045 Goldfinger
046 Goldfinger
047 Goldfinger
048 Goldfinger
049 Goldfinger
050 Goldfinger
051 Goldfinger
052 Goldfinger
053 Goldfinger
054 Goldfinger
055 Goldfinger
056 Goldfinger
057 Goldfinger
058 Goldfinger
059 Goldfinger
060 Goldfinger
061 Goldfinger
062 Goldfinger
063 Goldfinger
064 Goldfinger
065 Goldfinger
066 Goldfinger
067 Goldfinger
068 Goldfinger
069 Goldfinger
070 Goldfinger
071 Goldfinger
072 Goldfinger
073 Goldfinger
074 Goldfinger
075 Goldfinger
076 Goldfinger
077 Goldfinger
078 Goldfinger
079 Goldfinger
080 Goldfinger
081 Goldfinger
082 Goldfinger
083 Goldfinger
084 Goldfinger
085 Goldfinger
086 Goldfinger
087 Goldfinger
088 Goldfinger
089 Goldfinger
090 Goldfinger
091 Goldfinger
092 Goldfinger
093 Goldfinger
094 Goldfinger
095 Goldfinger
096 Goldfinger
097 Goldfinger
098 Goldfinger
099 Goldfinger
100 Goldfinger
101 Goldfinger
102 Goldfinger
103 Goldfinger
104 Goldfinger
105 Goldfinger
106 Goldfinger
107 Goldfinger
108 Goldfinger
109 Goldfinger
110 Goldfinger

Skyfall Parallel Base Set (110) - Silver Foil (1:3 packs)

1-110 Skyfall - Silver Parallel

Skyfall Parallel Base Set (110) - Gold Foil (1:24 packs)

1-110 Skyfall - Gold Parallel

21 The Quotable James Bond - Skyfall (1:12 packs)

QS01 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS02 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS03 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS04 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS05 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS06 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS07 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS08 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS09 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS10 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS11 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS12 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS13 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS14 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS15 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS16 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS17 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS18 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS19 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS20 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall
QS21 Quotable James Bond -Skyfall

9 007 Gold Gallery Cards (1:24 packs)

GG39 Caterina Murino as Solange in Casino Royale
GG40 Diana Rigg as Tracy Di Vicenzo in On Her Majesty's Secret Service
GG41 Claudine Auger as Domino Derval in Thunderball
GG42 Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger
GG43 Martine Beswick as Paula Caplan in Thunderball
GG44 Lana Wood as Plenty O'Toole in Diamonds Are Forever
GG45 Caroline Bliss as Miss Moneypenny
GG46 Berenice Marlohe as Severine in Skyfall
GG47 Naomie Harris as Even Moneypenny in Skyfall

64 James Bond Skyfall Relics (1:24 packs)

SCDC1 Dual Character James Bond (Jacket) and Ronson (Jacket)
SCDC2 Dual Character James Bond (Jacket) and Patrice (Jacket)
SCDC3 Dual Character James Bond (Jacket) and Severine's Bodyguard (Shirt)
SCDC4 Dual Character James Bond (Jacket) and Severine Dress
SCDC5 Dual Character James Bond Jacket and M Coat
SCDC6 Dual Character M Coat and Kincade Jacket
SCDC7 Dual Character Silva Coat and M Coat
SCDC8 Dual Character James Bond Jacket and M Coat
SDC1 Dual Moneypenny (Jacket, Tank Top)
SDC2 Dual James Bond (Shirt, Chinos)
SDC3 Dual Q (Trousers, Tie)
SDC4 Dual Kincaid (Jacket, Trousers)
SQC1 Quad James Bond (Jacket, Pants, Tie, Shirt)
SQC2 Quad James Bond (Trousers, Jacket, Shirt, Jumper)
SQC3 Quad M Outfit (Dress, Cardigan, Scarf, Coat)
SSC01 Single James Bond Suit Jacket
SSC02 Single James Bond Suit Pants
SSC03 Single James Bond Tie
SSC04 Single James Bond Shirt
SSC05 Single Patrice Suit Jacket
SSC06 Single Patrice Shirt
SSC07 Single Patrice Suit Pants
SSC08 Single Moneypenny Jacket
SSC09 Single Moneypenny Tank Top
SSC10 Single James Bond Shirt
SSC11 Single James Bond Chinos
SSC12 Single Mallory Suit Jacket
SSC13 Single Q Trousers
SSC14 Single James Bond Shirt
SSC15 Single James Bond Trousers
SSC16 Single James Bond Chauffeur Jacket
SSC17 Single James Bond Jumper
SSC18 Single Patrice Dress Shirt
SSC19 Single Moneypenny Shirt
SSC20 Single James Bond Dinner Suit
SSC21 Single Severine's Bodyguard Shirt
SSC22 Single Severine Dress
SSC23 Single James Bond Jacket
SSC24 Single James Bond Shirt
SSC25 Single James Bond Pants
SSC26 Single James Bond Tie
SSC27 Single Silva Police Hat
SSC28 Single Silva Bullet Proof Vest
SSC29 Single Silva White Shirt
SSC30 Single Silver Police Jacket
SSC31 Single Silva Tie
SSC32 Single James Bond Pants
SSC33 Single James Bond Jacket
SSC34 Single James Bond Shirt
SSC35 Single M Dress
SSC36 Single M Scarf
SSC37 Single M Coat
SSC38 Single Kincade Jacket
SSC39 Single Kincade Cap
SSC40 Single Silva Coat
SSC41 Single Silva Sweater
SSC42 Single Silva Trousers
STC1 Triple Patrice (Jacket, Pants, Shirt)
STC2 Triple Ronson (Suit, Shirt, Tie)
STC3 Triple Severine's Bodyguard (Jacket, Shirt, Trousers)
STC4 Triple James Bond Outfit (Pants, Jacket, Shirt)
STC5 Triple Silva (Vest, Shirt, Jacket)
STC6 Triple James Bond Outfit (Pants, Jacket, Shirt)
STC7 Triple Silva (Coat, Trousers, Sweater)

42 Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)

A099 Joe Don Baker Extremely Limited
A111 Teri Hatcher Extremely Limited
A159 Michelle Arthur Limited
A188 Chichinou Kaeppler Limited
A206 Caron Gardner
A227 Berenice Marlohe Limited
A228 Daniel Craig Extremely Limited
A229 Judi Dench Extremely Limited
A230 Jane Seymour Extremely Limited
A231 Bruce Glover Extremely Limited
A232 Daryl Kwan
A233 Catherine Serre Limited
A234 Oliver Skeete Limited
A235 Jennifer Castle
A237 Caroline Hallett
A240 Tonia Sotiropoulou
A241 Tank Dong Limited
A242 Glyn Baker Limited
A243 Naomie Harris Extremely Limited
Alizia Gur Very Limited
Beatrice Libert Limited
Burt Kwouk Very Limited
Clifton James Extremely Limited
Geoffrey Palmer Limited
Gloria Hendry Limited
Irka Bochenko Limited
Jack Klaff Limited
Joe Flood Limited
John Rhys-Davies Extremely Limited
Kenneth Tsang Limited
Lana Wood Limited
Martine Beswicke Extremely Limited
Mary Stavin Very Limited
Mollie Peters Limited
Neville Jason Limited
Roger Moore Extremely Limited
Simon Kunz Limited
Sophie Marceau Extremely Limited
Steven Berkoff Limited
Tom So Limited
Valerie Leon Limited

Case Topper

BJB23 Bond, James Bond,

3-Case Incentive

Ola Rapace (Patrice) Autograph Card

6-Case Incentive

Daniel Craig (James Bond) Autograph/Relic Card

5 Promo Cards

P1 General Distribution
P2 Fall 2013 Philly Non-Sport Show
P3 Album
P4 Fall Convention Exclusive
P5 UK Exclusive
Checklist subject to change without notice.
Insertion rates represent an average across the entire production run.
There are no guarantees within any individual box or case.