Battlestar Galactica
The Cylons were created by man. They Rebelled. They Evolved. They Look and Feel Human. Some are programmed to think they are Human. There are many copies and they have a plan.

Winner of the prestigious Peabody award for distinguished achievement in television, Battlestar Galactica continues to draw rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Relive the action, the drama, the struggles and the victories of this sophomore show with Rittenhouse Archive's Battlestar Galactica Season Two trading cards. Each box will contain one autograph card and one costume card as well as at least one 72-card set covering all 20 episodes from the second season.

Signers for this series include a great mixture of series stars and recurring guest stars and include:

• James Callis as Gaius Baltar
• Lucy Lawless as D'Anna Biers
• Tricia Helfer as Number Six
• Michael Trucco as Sam Anders
• Donnelly Rhodes as Doctor Cottle
• Kate Vernon as Ellen Tigh
• John Heard as Commander Barry Garner
• Colm Feore as President Adar
• Erica Cerra as Maya
• Claudette Mink as Shevon
• Christina Schild as Playa Palacios
Autograph Samples
• Leah Cairns as Margaret "Racetrack" Edmonson

Costume Card Samples Besides autograph cards, each box will contain one costume card from major characters including Number Six, Galen Tyrol, Gaius Baltar, Samuel Anders, Karl "Helo" Agathon, Billy Keikeya, Sharon Valerii, Saul Tigh, William Adama and Kara "Starbuck" Thrace.

Rounding out this set are several chase subsets including

Each case will contain an exclusive dual costume card case topper from the character of Priest Elosha!

An exclusive collector's album will also be made available for Battlestar Galactica Season Two Trading Cards and will come with 12 9-pocket plastic pages, a bonus promo card and an exclusive costume card from Number Six.

As an added bonus, for every 2 cases purchased you will receive an autographed costume card signed by Katee Sackhoff as Kara Thrace and for every 6 cases purchased you will receive a hand-drawn colored sketch card by artist Jim Kyle.

Below are images of the some of the costumes used for this set. More images will be posted when they become available.

(Click image for larger version)
Samual Ander's Triad Shirt Karl Agathon's Caprica Vest Sharon's Prisoner Pants
Saul Tigh's Work T-Shirtt Priest Elosha Jacket and Scarf