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I'm looking for Twin peaks inserts + Bond throwback singles

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Good idea! I have been looking for a Agents of Shield Season 1 - #CC11 Ian Quinn Pocket Square relic for a long time. I lost out on about 3-4 on ebay that sold between $30-45. A couple of the nicer colored ones sold a bit more. Its the final card for my master set. Also only need the Chloe bordered from season 2 for that master set but not going to allow myself to pay crazy prices for it.

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How about a buy sell trade thread? What are RA cards that you need to finish sets that you are having a hard time finding. Maybe someone here has one available? Let me get this started lol ok this is an RA predecessor ... does anyone have a Star Trek Skybox James Doohan A32 Blue ink autograph card for sale? Or a Star Trek A257 BrionI Farrell variant where she added Xenia Gratsos?