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RE: Idea for a New Trading Card Set
I think the idea is interesting but the scope is too large for a company like RA to tackle. What could be done would be to have a similar idea set with random cards from all of the RA properties. The cards could be brand new so as to have one consistent look or odds-n-ends from all the series done over the years. So you might have a Roger Moore auto and a Captain Picard auto. Or a base card from SG-1 or a base card from WNBA. If they did a new series, then each of those base cards would be part of a mini-subset with an auto card to top off the mini-subset (hope that wording makes sense). Other companies have done an odds-n-ends of their leftovers but it might be intriguing for RA to take it a step further and make a new set with the subsets from their list of licensees.

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Idea for a New Trading Card Set!
Here's an idea for a new card set. Topps has Allen & Ginter. Upper Deck has Goodwin Champions. Both these sets have capitalized on making use of unusual or odd insert cards to compliment "base" cards, which is a trend in the card market, which I would like to tap into. This set idea is kind of related, but also takes things much further - to boldly go where no trading card company has gone before!! It is called "Odds". The name has dual meanings - "odds" meaning "odds and ends", or "oddities", and also "odds" meaning the statistical chances of finding a card. The wrappers might have nothing on them but black/white print of the word "Odds" and a long list of the odds of finding certain cards. It works like this: The packs would consist entirely of an assortment of unusual subsets, with no "base" cards at all. For Rittenhouse purposes, the themes depicted with the subsets could have a somehow scifi-related undertone - or they could be entirely random if desired. One subset might be literary characters of the science fiction world, with a photo/drawing and description of the character. One subset might be colors. The chances of finding a completely red card would be like 1:100 packs. The chances of an all-black card might be like 1:300 packs. One subset might be 300 cards, each with a photo of one of the 300 largest cities in America. One subset might be professions - like nurse, bank teller, fast food worker, engineer, etc. One subset might be autographs of random unfamous people, with a short narrative of their life on the back of the card. One subset might be images of different types of exotic fruit. One subset might be images of different types of birds One subset might be constellations, with a picture of the constellation on the card. One subset might be original kids' drawings. One subset might be textures, like where each card has a different texture on the surface of the card. One subset might be vintage bumper sticker One subset might be license plate relics. One subset might be comic authors or illustrators One subset might be cards of other subsets that have been cut in half and reattached to half of another card. One subset might include images of different breeds of chickens One subset might be cards made of a variety of materials.. copper, aluminum, steel, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, etc... ... I could go on and on with examples for days... The more subsets the better! The fun of this set is to probe the essence of what card collecting is fundamentally about, and to find out how abstract trading card sets can become. I believe there is a core group of card collectors who are driven primarily by the dopamine response in finding something unexpected and interesting in a pack. In some cases, the rarity of an unusual card will, in itself create the value of the card in mass markets, but the value of an "odd" card to an individual collector will be a function of how much fun the collector has finding the card, regardless of how much objective value the card contains. Would love to hear any thoughts about his concept... Awesome? Ridiculous? Both? Worth a shot?