Rittenhouse Archives invites you to return to The Outer Limits this fall with the The Outer Limits Expansion Set. This set is based on the newer Outer Limits TV series, and Rittenhouse's "Outer Limits: Sex, Cyborgs and Science Fiction" trading cards. The Expansion set features 4 autograph cards signed by Gary Busey, Sheena Easton, Bruce Harwood and Jon Tenney and is limited to only 500 sets!

And for every 5 sets purchased, you will receive a bonus autograph card of Leonard Nimoy (as Thurman Cutler, in "I, Robot"), and a Sheena Easton costume card.

Card Number J1
Jon Tenney
Card Number J2
Bruce Harwood
Card Number J3
Gary Busey
Card Number J3
Sheena Easton
Card Number J2
Bonus Leonard Nimoy Autograph Card (with every 5 sets purchased)