Come celebrate 70 years of history from today's top comic book publisher, Marvel Entertainment, with Rittenhouse Archives Marvel 70th Anniversary trading cards! Marvel 70th Anniversary trading cards will cover and spotlight some of the major storylines in the Marvel Universe over the past 70 years. From the Golden Age through the Silver and Bronze ages into today's Modern age of comics!

Each box of this set will feature 1 hand-drawn, color sketch card. 99 different artists in all! Collectors can expect to find sketch cards from some of their favorite Marvel characters, from Ant-Man to Yellow Jacket and everyone in between! Below is a list of artists who have agreed to participate in this trading card set so far.
Key: <50 = (Scarce) - 50-150 = (Extremely Limited) - 151-250 = (Very Limited) - 251+ = (Limited)

• Adam Cleveland (Limited)
• Adriano Carreon (Extremely Limited)
• Alcione da Silva (Very Limited)
• Alexandre Magno (Very Limited)
• André Toma (Extremely Limited)
• Anthony Castrillo (Extremely Limited)
• Anthony Tan (Extremely Limited)
• Anthony Wheeler (Extremely Limited)
• Aston Roy Cover (Extremely Limited)
• Benjamin Glendenning (Extremely Limited)
• Brandon Kenney (Extremely Limited)
• Brian Kong (Extremely Limited)
• Brian Postman (Limited)
• Brian Shearer (Extremely Limited)
• Bryan Turner (Very Limited)
• Buddy Prince (Limited)
• Cat Staggs (Extremely Limited)
• Cezar Razek (Extremely Limited)
• Charles George (Extremely Limited)
• Charles Hall (Extremely Limited)
• Chris Bradberry (Extremely Limited)
• Chris Gutierrez (Extremely Limited)
• Craig Yeung (Very Limited)
• Dan Cooney (Very Limited)
• Dan Quiles (Very Limited)
• Daniel Campos (Very Limited)
• Daniel HDR (Very Limited)
• Darren Chandler (Very Limited)
• Darryl Banks (Extremely Limited)
• Dennis Crisostomo (Extremely Limited)
• Don Hillsman II (Extremely Limited)
• Edde Wagner (Extremely Limited)
• Eduardo Ferrara (Very Limited)
• Erik Maell (Extremely Limited)
• Eugene Commodore (Very Limited)
• George "Geo" Davis (Extremely Limited)
• George Calloway (Very Limited)
• Guy Dorian (Extremely Limited)
• Ian Dorian (Extremely Limited)
• Irma Ahmed (Extremely Limited)
• Jack Redd (Extremely Limited)
• Jake Mino (Extremely Limited)r
• Jason McLellan (Extremely Limited)
• Jason Sobol (Extremely Limited)
• Javier Gonzalez (Extremely Limited)
• Jeff Confer (Extremely Limited)
• Jeff Zugale (Very Limited)
• Jerry Gaylord (Very Limited)
• Jim Kyle (Limited)
• Joe Pekar (Limited)
• Joe Rubinstein (Limited)
• Joe St.Pierre (Extremely Limited)
• John Haun (Extremely Limited)
• John Czop (Extremely Limited)
• John "JAX" Jackman (Scarce)
• John Watkins-Chow (Extremely Limited)
• Justin Chung (Scarce)
• Kat Laurange (Extremely Limited)
• Kathryn A. Layno (Very Limited)
• Katie Cook (Extremely Limited)
• Kevin West (Extremely Limited)
• Kristin Allen (Extremely Limited)
• Lak Lim (Extremely Limited)
• Lee Kohse (Extremely Limited)
• Lui Antonio (Limited)
• Marcelo Ferreira (Limited)
• Mark Dos Santos (Extremely Limited)
• Michael "Axebone" Potter (Extremely Limited)
• Michael Glover (Extremely Limited)
• Monte Moore (Extremely Limited)
• Nestor Celario Jr (Extremely Limited)
• Newton Barbosa (Very Limited)
• Nick Neocleous (Extremely Limited)
• Nur Hanie Mohd (Scarce)
• Patrick Larcada(Scarce)
• Randy Martinez (Very Limited)
• Randy Monces (Very Limited)
• Butch Mapa (Very Limited)
• Rhiannon Owens (Very Limited)
• Rich Molinelli (Very Limited)
• Richard Cox (Extremely Limited)
• Ryan Orosco (Extremely Limited)
• Sanna Umemoto (Scarce)
• Scott Barnett (Extremely Limited)
• Scott Rorie (Extremely Limited)
• Scott Rosema (Very Limited)
• Sonny Strait (Extremely Limited)
• Steven Miller (Extremely Limited)
• Tess Fowler (Extremely Limited)
• Thanh Bui (Extremely Limited)
• Tim Shay (Extremely Limited)
• Tone Rodriguez (Very Limited)
• Tony Fleecs (Extremely Limited)
• Gooney Toons (Extremely Limited)
• Yildiray Cinar (Extremely Limited)
(List of artists subject to change without notice.)

Rounding out the chase cards are several exciting sets including :

• 72-Card Metalic Ink parallel set (1:3 packs)
• 9 Original Heroes Cards - Spotlighting some of Marvel Comics' first Super Heroes!
• 9 Die-cut Cards - Featuring various Marvel characters in a classic retro style!
• 18 Retro Sticker Cards - Classic stickers just like the ones you remember!
• 6 "Clearly" Heroic - Acetate cards featuring your favorite Marvel Heroes!

For every 6 cases that you order you will receive an exclusive hand-drawn sketch card by Warren Martineck. For every 9 cases that you order you will receive an exclusive hand-drawn sketch card by legendary artist Bob Layton. For every 18 cases that you purchase you will receive a Marvel 70th Anniversary archive box. Each Archive Box will contain 30 sketch cards, all pack inserted chase sets, case topper set of 3 cards and a parallel base set.

Fans and collectors will also be able to store their collection in a custom designed collector's album which contains an exclusive promo card.

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