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Star Trek Twilight Zone San Diego Comic Con
Star Trek: The Original Series 2009

The Complete Twilight Zone Trading Cards

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Release Schedule
2009 Star Trek: The Original Series (August 12, 2009)
The Complete Twilight Zone trading cards (September 30, 2009)
Spider-Man Archives trading cards (October 21, 2009)
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New Products
Star Trek: The Original Series 2009

The complete list of autographers for Star Trek: The Original Series 2009 has been finalized and posted. This set boasts an impressive list of 48 different autograph cards. Each box of this series will contain 3 Autograph Cards as well as a bounty of other chase cards, including an 18-card lenticular set based on the first episode "The Cage."

Star Trek: The Original Series 2009

New Products
The Complete Twilight Zone Rittenhouse Archives invites you to once again enter THE TWILIGHT ZONE with our 50th Anniversary special "The Complete Twilight Zone Trading Cards". This set will cover all 156 episodes in one comprehensive collection. Each box of this set will contain 4 Autograph Cards! The list of signers so far includes:

• John Astin (A Hundred Yards Over The Rim)
• Cliff Robertson (The Dummy)
• Morgan Brittany (Caesar and Me)
• Richard Erdman (A Kind of Stopwatch)
• Jean Marsh (The Lonely)
• June Foray (Living Doll)
• Earl Holliman (Where Is Everybody?)
• Noah Keen (The Trade-Ins)
• Tim O'Connor (On Thursday We Leave For Home)
• Linden Chiles (Four O'Clock)
• David Macklin (Ring-A-Ding Girl)
• Mariette Hartley (The Long Morrow)
• More to be announced soon!

Collectors can also look for several exciting chase sets including a 9-card Twilight Zone In Motion Lenticular bonus set! For more details on this exciting new Twilight Zone set, please visit the Twilight Zone section of our website.

Sample Autograph Cards

Convention Notes

Comic-Con: San Diego

The San Diego Comic Con is less than one week away and the excitement is building. Rittenhouse Archives will have 8 different exclusive promo cards available at the show. If you are looking for the latest Rittenhouse Archives cards, we encourage you to visit any of the fine following dealers who will be setup at the show. For a complete list of the promo cards that will be available, check out our San Diego Comic Con 2009 page.

Alien Entertainment Booth #3848
Endless World TBA
Julio's Nonsport Depot Table #134
Junior's Comics Tables C11/C12
K & J Non-Sports Cards Tables A11/A12
Mark's Non-Sport Cards Booth #5416
Triangle Cards Table #B1
Wee Bee Cards Table #C8
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