Star Trek Movies In Motion Trading Card Set Update
Star Trek Movies In Motion Trading Cards

We are pleased to announce that the upcoming Star Trek Movies In Motion Trading Cards will now feature 3 autograph cards per box! In an effort to make this already terrific collection of cards even more collectable, we were able to add some new autograph cards at the last minute and increase the number of autographs from 2 per box to 3 per box. We hope this adds some cheer to what has been an otherwise difficult time for many customers.

In addition, we have changed the case topper card from a set of Star Trek movie poster cards to the A74 Alfre Woodard (Lily Sloane in "Star Trek: First Contact") autograph card. We have also decided to insert 10 random archive boxes to the production run. In total, this series will be limited to 5,000 sequentially numbered boxes. Happy Collecting!!!

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