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Additional Sketch Cards from "Nar"

2008 Spring Philly Non-Sport Show

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Iron Man Movie Trading Cards (April 30, 2008)
Battlestar Galactica Season 3 (May 28, 2008)
Stargate SG-1 Season 10 (June 2008)
DC Comics: Batman Archives (July 2008)
Stargate Atlantis: Seasons 3 & 4 (September 2008)
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From The President
Women of Marvel

Greetings from Rittenhouse! Response to our just-released Women of Marvel Trading Cards has been outstanding. Thanks so much to everyone who purchased this product.

One of the artists, known as "Nar", has attracted particular attention from dealers and collectors alike, partly because his work is exceptionally good and partly because there are so few of his cards available. Originally, Nar had been contracted by Rittenhouse for 100 sketch cards, but he only delivered 36 of them to us in time for release inside packs of the Women of Marvel cards. As luck would have it, Nar has since delivered the remaining 64 sketches to us, which are now approved by Marvel. They look as beautiful as any he's ever done! So the question begs to be asked -- what to do with these additional sketches?! We are currently working on a plan to distribute these additional cards, in part directly to our wholesale customers and in part directly to collectors. Wholesale customers will receive 1 Nar for every 25 cases purchased, and collectors will be selected randomly. We are not charging any price for these additional cards. They are FREE. Please do not call us to ask for one of these cards -- doing so may disqualify you from receiving one.

Nar Sketch Page 1Nar Sketch Page 2

New Products
Battlestar Galactica
Season 3 Trading Cards

Winner of the prestigious Peabody award for distinguished achievement in television, Battlestar Galactica continues to draw rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Relive the action, the drama, the struggles and the victories of this critically acclaimed show with Rittenhouse Archive's Battlestar Galactica Season Three trading cards. Each box will contain TWO Autograph Cards and ONE Costume Card as well as at least one 63-card set covering all 20 episodes from the third season.

Rittenhouse Archives has pulled out all of the stop to acquire signatures from the entire cast.

• Katee Sackoff as Kara Thrace
• Jamie Bamber as Lee Adama
• Grace Park as Sharon
• Michael Hogan as Saul Tigh
• Michelle Forbes as Admiral Helena Cain
• Luciana Carro as 'Kat'
• Rick Worthy as Simon
• Bill Duke as Phelan
• Susan Hogan as Captain Franks
• James Callis as Gaius Baltar
• Mary McDonnell as Laura Roslin
• Bruce Davison as Dr. Mike Robert
• Jennifer Halley as Diana Seelix
• Mark Sheppard as Romo Lampkin
• Gabrielle Rose as Mrs. King
• Christian Tessier as Tucker 'Duck' Clellan
• Alisen Down as Jean Barolay
• Amanda Plummer as Oracle

In addition to autograph cards, each box will contain one costume card from major characters including Number Six, D'anna Biers, Samuel Anders, Karl "Helo" Agathon, Sharon Valerii and Simon.

As an added bonus, for every 2 cases purchased you will receive an autograph costume card signed by Tricia Helfer as Number Six and for every 6 cases purchased you will receive an autograph card signed by Edward James Olmos as William Adama.

For additional details on this exciting set, visit the
Battlestar Galactica Season 3 section of our website.

Conventions and Shows
2008 Spring Philly Non-Sport Show

On May 3 & 4th, Rittenhouse Archives will be attending the Philly Non-Sport Show in Allentown, PA. The "Philly Non-Sports Card Show" is the oldest show of its kind in the country, dating back to the mid-1980s.

Make plans now to attend this show. Stop by for all of the latest news on upcoming Rittenhouse Archives' products. Checkout cards from upcoming sets, take a look at costumes before they are used on cards and pickup your free promo cards and sell sheets. Rittenhouse will be giving away THREE show exclusive. These cards include:
Star Trek: TOS 40th Anniversary Series 2
Women of Marvel
Stargate SG-1 Season 10

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