The Quotable Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Quotable Star Trek Deep Space Nine Do you remember the first line spoken by Benjamin Sisko? How about the First or Sixth Rule of Acquisition? Need a refresher on some of the best and most memorable lines from Star Trek Deep Space Nine? Then the wait is almost over with less than one month now until the release of Quotable Star Trek Deep Space Nine. The checklist for this fantastic series is now available on-line.

Each box of is guaranteed to contain 1 Autograph Card and 2 Costume Cards! Signing for this series are show stars Avery Brooks, Nana Visitor, Armin Shimerman, Terry Farrell and Rene Auberjonois on the "Quotable" autograph design used in the previous two "The Quotable Star Trek" series. Also included are a bevy of guest star autographs on the fan favorite autograph card design seen in the The Complete Deep Space Nine set.

Quotable Star Trek Deep Space Nine Autograph Cards

This series sports over 20 different costume/relic cards, with most of the costume swatches having variations in color, patterns and material. To aid you in your search for all of the possible variations, listed below is a handy reference chart for your use.

Card # # of Variations Variation Types
C1 (Captain Sisko) 3 Red, Black and Grey
C2 (Colonel Nerys) 2 Rust and Brown
C3 (Chief Odo) 2 Rust and Brown
C4 (Lt. Commander Dax) 3 Grey, Black and Teal
C5 (Lt. Commander Worf) 2 Black and Maroon
C6 (Chief O'Brien) 1 Grey
C7 (Dr. Bashir) 2 Black and Grey
C8 (Lt. Dax) 3 Black, Grey and Teal
C9 (Captain Sisko) 1 Olive Green
C10 (Dr. Noah) 1 Brown with pattern
C11 (Captain Sisko) 1 Tan and black pattern
C12 (Lt Commander Dax) 1 Grey Suede
C13 (Lt Commander Dax) 2 Black and Grey
C14 (Dulmer) 1 Black w/ Pinstripes
C15 (Lt Commander Worf) 2 Striped shirt and Olive patterned
C16 (Odo) 2 Striped shirt and Brown
C17 (Waitress) 3 Pink/Orange/Gold, Solid Pink, Solid Orange
C18 (Waitress) 3 Green/Yellow/Gold, Solid Green, Solid Yellow
C19 (Quark) 1 Iridescent blue/black
C20 (Banner) 3 Solid Orange, Solid Brown, Mixture
C21 (Banner) 5 Solid Dark Green, Solid Light Green, Yellow, Light Blue, Mixture

Don't have your boxes on pre-order yet? Don't worry, a few boxes do still remain available, but not for long. Be sure to put your order in today and reserve your boxes of this stellar Star Trek set!

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