Thank you for following us on Facebook. As a member of our Facebook community, we are offering the P2 promo card from our Game of Thrones Season 6 trading cards and our 2017 James Bond Archives - Final Edition trading cards exclusively to you!

Supplies of these cards are limited and require a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. One request per person and/or household for each promo card. We ask that you please follow this last guideline so that we can continue to make FREE cards available in the future. Rittenhouse Archives reserves the right to refuse to open and discard any suspicious envelopes. When addressing your envelope, please follow the United States Postal Service guidelines.

International collectors (including those in Canada) may request promo cards by sending in a letter sized self-addressed envelope. Shipping for promo cards is $4.00 U.S. outside of the United States. Collectors may either include U.S. postage stamps (not International Reply Coupons), or they may send payment through Paypal (our Paypal address is Please note that envelopes other than standard letter size will incur additional fees. Email any questions regarding the cost of shipping promo cards to our Customer Relations Dept. at Thanks for your cooperation and understanding of the costs of these international shipments.

2017 James Bond Archives - Final Edition Promo Card P2
Game of Thrones Season 6 Promo Card P2
Please send your request to:

Rittenhouse Archives
Attn: Facebook Offer
1250 Greenwood Ave
Suite 5
Jenkintown, PA 19046